Return to campus. Return to Tradition

We’re feeling a lot of gratitude as we return — in person! — to CFAES this fall.

We’re grateful for CFAES’ valued donors, who make it possible for so many students to attend this prestigious college — students who otherwise might not have had the opportunity…valued donors who also, through their generous gifts, are growing and transforming our Waterman Agricultural and Natural Resources Laboratory.

We’re grateful for the new connections we made at Waterman as students ourselves — connections to agriculture, to the soil, to plants and animals (including a helpful, lovely, cannulated Jersey cow named Lenore) … and for the growing future opportunities for people to make new connections at Waterman too — including, ideally, every student at Ohio State! (You can read about one such opportunity, the coming new Multispecies Animal Learning Center, here.)

We’re grateful that CFAES’ research is back in full swing. That together we’re moving in a positive direction because of our loyal donor support. That together we serve an important mission: We Sustain Life.

We’re grateful in the end, of course, for you. We thank you for your support, and Go Bucks!


Joseph R. Gryboski

CFAES Student Council President

Ohio State Women's Basketball Manager

College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences Nutrition


April F. White MS, PAS

Graduate Student Advisory Committee Chair

PhD Student, OSU Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Nutrition Program

Department of Animal Sciences

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