Share advise with students as they start their fall semester

As our college faculty and staff welcomed back students two weeks ago and enjoy the renewed energy that every fall semester brings, we reflect upon the times we’ve shared these last several months and recognize that they’ve looked different for everyone. Given the obstacles our students, faculty, and staff have overcome, your support means a great deal now more than ever before.  

As classes are underway, the CFAES community continues to place students first. Student success is one of the college’s campaign priorities in Time and Change: The Ohio State Campaign. CFAES students will be studying a wide range of sustainability-oriented disciplines, taught online in virtual courses and in-person in classrooms, in indoor labs, and in outdoor field labs.  

During this time, CFAES students have become more resilient, and, therefore, they are now certain to be more adaptable in their chosen, ever-evolving career fields.  

We invite you to share an inspiring story from your college days or offer some encouraging words to our current returning students. On social media, please tag us at #CFAESStudentsFirst, so our students can see your message. Timely motivation from someone like you can make a critical difference.  

Thank you for sharing your time and talents with our college.

Feel free to share your advice on all social media platforms, and don't forget to check out the College's Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages!

Students enjoy a multitude of activities prior to COVID-19