Memories of Making New Friends

Kaley Core

Kaley Core received her BS in Food Agriculture & Biological Engineering in 2015.  She shared a story about making a new friend on campus - a friend who became much more important than she could have guessed at the time:

My fiance, Julian, and I became friends (both FABE majors) because we both got tickets to the Sugar Bowl back in 2014 when OSU made it and was giving out free tickets to students. We both knew of each other, being in the same small major but became friends because he didn't have anyone to sit with at the game and was considering not going. He was asking around in the FABE computer lab if anyone else had gotten tickets and I told him that I'd gotten one and that he could sit with me and my friend who had gotten drawn to get free tickets as well. Anyways, to make a long story short, thanks to the FABE computer lab, a small major, and OSU football we are getting married in April!

Julian Orr and Kaley Core