CFAES Connect: September 2017

  1. Cancer cost Jeff Austin the use of his legs, but AgrAbility helped him get back to farming.  Photo source: Catie Noyes / Farm and Dairy

    Jeff Austin suffered from cancer that left him paralyzed.  AgrAbility helped get him back to farming.

  2. Crown

    One of the most memorable homecoming queens in Ohio State's history...

  3. Students taking an SENR course on evaluating urban soil. Credit: Courtesy of Nicholas Basta.

    Students taking a course on evaluating urban soil and determining steps for a return to fertility don't do so behind a desk. 

  4. Ohio State researchers Brent Sohngen, Douglas Southgate and Lea Fortmann, in the field in Guatemala (photo courtesy of Brent Sohngen)

    A recent study co-authored by Brent Sohngen, a professor of agricultural, environmental and developmental economics at OSU, showed that deforestation is slowed when property rights are assigned to residents.  

  5. Prothonotary Warbler

    Watch a video of Dr. Chris Tonra from the School of Environmental and Natural Resources expalining their work to monitor prothonotary warblers.

  6. Monarch butterfly

    If you care about the beautiful monarchs that flutter through Ohio, you can lend them a hand this fall. 

  7. A student with a horse at ATI's Equine Center

    Hold your horses! Here's what's coming up.

Alumni News

  1. News

    We love to see our alumni out in the world making great things happen.

    Here are some recent newsmakers from The Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences.

  2. Kaley Core

    Kaley Core received her BS in Food Agriculture & Biological Engineering in 2015.  She shared a story about making a new friend on campus - a friend who became much more important than she could have guessed at the time.

  3. Students and dog hanging out on the oval.

    What was your favorite place on campus as a student?