OSU Extension names new impact areas

Extension Impact Areas

Ohio State University Extension has named six new impact areas. “The new impact areas will provide our organization with a consistent framework for planning and reporting the impacts of our work,” said Roger Rennekamp, OSU Extension director.

Health and Wellness

Our lifespan is determined by our genetic makeup, our behaviors and the environment in which we live. While our genetic code is fixed, we can change our behaviors and our immediate surroundings. OSU Extension has nationally recognized programs that help people make healthy choices and catalyze the creation of healthy homes, schools, workplaces and communities.

Job Skills and Careers

A commitment to lifelong learning is critical to remaining relevant in one’s chosen field of work. The programs of OSU Extension not only help individuals acquire the skills they need in their current jobs, but those they will need in the future positions to which they aspire.

Thriving Across the Life Span

From infancy to later life, OSU Extension is committed to helping individuals flourish within families and the various social structures in which they live. Perhaps most notably, Ohio 4-H uses a youth development approach to help young people develop characteristics that build a foundation for a positive adulthood.

Sustainable Food Systems

A sustainable food system benefits producers, protects the environment and feeds a growing world population. Meanwhile, changing consumer preferences continually influence the type of products that producers are expected to bring to market. OSU Extension brings science-based information to the process of making decisions about food and the way it is produced, processed, distributed, stored, prepared and consumed.

Engaged Ohioans, Vibrant Communities

Human capital can be described as the knowledge, skills and experience possessed by a group of individuals. Mobilizing people in ways that produce shared benefits is a key to creating vibrant communities. OSU Extension helps community residents gain the knowledge and skills they need to engage in meaningful dialogue focused on positive change and collective impact that meets local needs.

Environmental Quality

OSU Extension programs help people make informed choices and lead local efforts aimed at maintaining or improving environmental quality for future generations. Through their involvement in these programs, participants gain a greater understanding of their role in a global community and become stewards of the planet.