Alumni in the News

Brandon Hawkins (L) at Farm Science Review

Our alumni are out in the world making great things happen.  If you see an alum in the news, let us know!

Here are some recent newsmakers from The Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences:

Cody Beacom BS Agricultural Mechanization & Systems 2009 - Ohio Ag Net Podcast Ep. 123 Cover Crops & Agritourism 

Julie Becker BS Agricultural Communications 1992 - Select Sires Honors Employees with 30-plus Years  Julie Becker

Brad Bergefurd BS Horticulture 1990, MS Agricultural Education 2011 - Papaws Making a Comeback in Ohio, Other Markets

Eric Bernard ASC Agricultural/Industrial Power Equipment Technology 1986 - Eric Bernard Obituary - Avon, Ohio

John Collier Jr. BS Horticulture 1965 - John Rust Collier Jr. 

Dr.Laura Deeter BS Horticulture 1995, PhD Horticulture and Crop Science 2002 - Ohio State ATI Professor Named National Educator of the Year

Cassaundra Dietrich BS Agricultural Communications 2009, MS Agricultural Education 2016 - Extension Work Far From Cookie Cutter

Dr. Yu Gao MS Horticulture 1988, PhD Horticulture 1993 - Small Fruits Specialist Leaving YouTube Legacy

Cheryl Gordon BS Agricultural Education 1982, MS Agricultural Education 1984 - Sheep Tour Takes Producers to Northeast Ohio

Peggy Hall MS Natural Resources 1991 - Balancing the Risks and Benefits in Agritourism

Rose Hartschuh BS Agricultural Education 2008 - Crawford County Farm Bureau Wraps Up the Year with Honors

Rose Hartschuh BS Agricultural Education 2008 - Hartschuh, Harrison Take Roles with Ohio Farm Bureau

Brandon Hawkins BS Agribusiness & Applied Economics 2008 - Attendance at OSU's Farm Science Review Tops 100,000

Charles Hebble BSAGR Sustainable Plant Systems 2016 - OABA 2019 Winners Announced 

Bart Johnson BS Agricultural Economics 1989 - Great Staff is Like a Second Family

Ed Johnson BS Rural Sociology 1959 - Great Staff is Like a Second Family

Tracey Kastl ASC Greenhouse Production & Management Technology 1994 - Tracey Kastl Obituary - Lorain, Ohio

Andrew Klopfenstein BSFABE Food, Agriculture and Biological Engineering 2013, MS Food, Agriculture and Biological Engineering 2016 - Digital Agriculture Program Celebrates Ohio State's Sesquicentennial

Rattan Lal PhD Agronomy 1968 - The Ohio State University Alumni Association Honors Extraordinary Alumni

Dr. Willie Larkin PhD Agricultural Education 1980 - Edgewood College Names New Diversity Officer, Chief of Staff   Willie Larkin

Garrett Leeds BSAGR Agricultural Systems Management 2018 - Attendance at OSU's Farm Science Review Tops 100,000

Kimberly Lemmon BS Agricultural Communications 1999 - Great Staff is Like a Second Family

Matthew Liskai BS Agriculture & Construction Systems Management 2001 - How Much Do You Value Your Data? 

Dr. Courtney Little BS Food Science & Nutrition 2007 - Ross Board of Health Selects New Health Commissioner, Medical Director

Larry Lokai BS Agricultural Education 1967, MS Agricultural Education 1973 - Buckeyes for a Cornhusker

Dr. Horacio Lopez Nicora MS Plant Pathology 2015, PhD Plant Pathology 2016 - Do you know your Number?

Paul Lyons BS Animal Science 1992 - Ohio County Farm Bureau Efforts Win National Recognition

Leslie Maurice BS Agricultural Education 2003 - Graham BOE Candidate Profile: Leslie Maurice

Lynn Miller BS Agronomy 1983 - Ohio's Top Conservation Farmers Honored 

Timothy Miller BS Agricultural Education 1983 - Ohio's Top Conservation Farmers Honored 

Dale Minyo BS Agricultural Economics 1989 - Great Staff is Like a Second Family

Ryan Morrison BS Agricultural Mechanization & Systems 2009 - The 'Great Pumpkin' of Fayette County

Levi Morrow BSAGR Agribusiness & Applied Economics 2013 - Growing our Generation: Our Jump into the Sheep Industry

Heather Neikirk BS Animal Science 1993 - Plant Lovers' Almanac: Attacking the 'Wicked' Problems of Hunger and Food Insecurity in Communities

Glen Newcomer ASC Livstock Production & Management Beef & Sheep 1981 - Faith, Family and the Future of Newcomer Century Farm

Brad Ott BS Crop Science 2001 - Pioneer Field Report | Brad Ott    Morrow Family

John Poulson BS Animal Science 1981, MS Agricultural Education 1987 - Nominate an Ag Teach for the Golden Owl Award

Eleanor Everly Sanford BS Poultry Science 1947 - Mary Eleanor Everly Sanford

Hannah Scott MS Environment and Natural Resources 2015 - Scott Selected to Receive Sustainable Agriculture Grant from NCR-SARE

Sydney Snider BSAGR Agricultural Communications 2019 - Felicity-Franklin Schools Grad Sydney Snider Honored

Dusty Sonnenberg BS Agricultural Education 1995 - Great Staff is Like a Second Family   

Karie Staley BS Agribusiness & Applied Econ 1999 - OABA 2019 Winners Announced

Mike Stitzlein BS Animal Science 1991 - Sheep Tour Takes Producers to Northeast Ohio

Dr. C. William Swank BS Animal Science 1953, MS Agricultural Economics 1956, PhD Agricultural Economics 1962 - Former OFBF Executive Vice President Bill Swank Dies at 88

Ryan Tietje AS Agricultural Systems Management 2015, BSAGR Agricultural Systems Management 2017 - Digital Agriculture Program Celebrates Ohio State's Sesquicentennial

Dr. W. Alan Wentz BS Natural Resources 1969 - Dr. W. Alan Wentz Receives Aldo Leopold Memorial Award

Nick Zachrich BS Agricultural Education 2007, MS Agricultural and Extension Education 2017 - Fun at Farm Science Review