CFAES Alumni Making News

Josh Yoder

Our alumni are out in the world making great things happen.

Here are some recent newsmakers from The Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences:Dr. Emily Buck

Brad Bergefurd, BS in Horticulture & MS in Agricultural Education, 1990 & 2011 - Greenhouse Guru

April Boehnen, BS in Animal Science, 2017 - Interns join 'Ding' Darling Wildlife Society-Friends of the Refuge

Dr. Stephen Boyles, MS in Animal Science, 1981 - From Ohio to Puerto Rico

Dr. Eugene Braig, BS in Environmental Education and MS in Natural Resources, 1991 & 1999 - His Work Involves Keeping Your Water in Harmony and OSU and Hilliard team up to teach high school students about environmental science

Dr. Emily Buck, BS in Agricultural Communications, 2002 - The Power of Meeting Face-to-Face With Consumers

Dr. John Dougherty, PhD in Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics, 2018 - Loyola University Maryland Update

Jerry Grooms, BS in Agricultural Economics, 1953 - In MemoriamDr. Rattan Lal

Andrew Holden, BS in Agribusiness and Applied Economics, 2018 - OSU extension has new ag educator

Dr. Justin Kieffer, BS in Animal, Dairy and Poltry Science, 2004 - Clinical Vet with OSU with the truth about antibiotics in beef

Dr. Rattan Lal, PhD in Agronomy, 1968 - Ohio State’s Rattan Lal Receives International Agriculture Award

Dr. Peg McMahon, BS in Horticulture, 1970 - Greenhouse Guru

Dale Minyo, BS in Agricultural Economics, 1989 - Dale Minyo wraps up another fun county fair season

Katy Mumaw, BS in Agricultural Communications, 2007 - Leadership Columbiana County Plugs Brain Drain

Christina O’Keeffe, BS in Human Dimensions, 2002 - Christina O’Keeffe Hired as Executive Director of OAQDA Jesse Whinnery and daughter

Michele Specht, BS in Dairy Science, 1978 - Reckoning with Opioids in Farm Country

Thomas Stockdale, BS in Natural Resources, 1955 - In Memorium

Marne Titchenell, BS in Fisheries and Wildlife Management & MS in Natural Resources, 2004 & 2007 - Saving the Bat Habitat

Dr. Andy Ward, former faculty of FABE - In Memorium

Jesse Whinnery, AS in Horticulture Science and BS in Crop Science, 2005 & 2008 - Growing our Generation: Be a positive voice in the community

Josh Yoder, BS in Agribusiness and Applied Economics, 2008 - Case studies show conservation can payEllen Zimmerman

Ellen Zimmerman - BS in Agricultural Communications, 2014 - ASTA Bolsters Staff with Newly-Created Member Engagement Position

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