Memories of a Favorite Spot and a Legend

Ron Buchenroth, CFAES alumnus

Ron Buchenroth received his BS in Agricultural Economics in 1982.  He shares the remarkable story of his favorite place on campus.    

While attending a track and field day at French Field House, I was honored to shake hands with the great Jesse Owens.  Later our coach took us to lunch at the Student Union.  We sat in a booth near a window overlooking Mirror Lake ravine.  A beautiful fall day with sun light beaming down through the leaves cast the day as one of the most memorable at The Ohio State University and in my life.  As I sat and gazed out the window watching students walk by absorbing the scene, I set in my mind a goal to come back to this university and become a member of this community and great university.

I did just that!  

On several occasions I returned to the Student Union to sit that same booth to gaze out over the same picturesque scene.  My thinking did not change.  I was very happy to be a Buckeye at The Ohio State University.

Sad it is that I can no longer return to the Student Union and sit near that window where coach directed us for our lunch.

The building is gone but the memory is vivid and beautiful.

That booth at the Student Union will remain one of my most favorite spots at The Ohio State University.

Go Bucks!