CFAES Alumni Society Board Welcomes 3 New Members

Molly Hardesty, Hayley Beck, Rishona Headen-Brown

The CFAES Alumni Society Board of Directors recently held elections for three open board representative positions.

The School of Environment and Natural Resources (SENR) representative is Molly Hardesty.  Molly, a 2017 SENR graduate, currently works as a program assistant at SENR. She is originally from Maria Stein, Ohio.

The Class of 2015 representative is Hayley Beck. Haley, an agricultural communications major, currently works at United Producers as a marketing communications specialist.  She is originally from Columbus.

The Class of 2017 representative is Rishona Headen-Brown. Rishona, a Food, Science, and Technology alum, is COO and cofounder of Blended Ingredients, Nutrients, & Flavors.  She is originally from Philadelphia.

The Society Board extends a heartfelt thank you to Jon Gerken who concluded his term as SENR Representative in June. Through Jon's service, CFAES Alumni Society Board is in better position for the future.

Rishona Headen-Brown, class of 2017 representativeHayley Beck, class of 2015 representativeMolly Hardesty, SENR representative