Alumni Board president speaks at TEDx

Yolanda Owens at Tedx

Yolanda Owens, the first Black/Latinx president of the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences Alumni Society Board, loves food. She will tell you how her entire career (her life, really) has revolved around her relationship with food. But what she doesn’t love is the accessibility to agricultural education and the relationship with production agriculture that the Black and brown communities have. She advocates strongly for the education of the next generation to help cultivate their love of food. And their understanding that everything from food, fiber, and fuel can be connected back to agriculture.  

But don’t take our word for it. Yolanda had the honor to be selected to speak at Drive-In! Kwanzaa 365, a virtual event hosted by TEDx King-Lincoln Bronzeville. She was one of 12 speakers at the high-energy, impactful event. The speakers in the lineup each spoke to a topic of importance to the Black community. For the full event itinerary, click here. To watch the full recorded event, click here. To listen specifically to Owens’ talk, skip ahead to 1:32:00.