This Buckeye Turns 100

John Feisley

In 1941, John Feisley graduated from Ohio State with a bachelor's degree in agricultural education.  In 2017, his department, now known as Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership (ACEL), turned 100.  Just one year later, John did as well!

We couldn't let this moment pass without a celebration.  A gift package including a note and special coin from Dean Kress, along with a video message from Tracey Kitchel, Chair of ACEL, was delivered to John.

John’s happy personality was contagious as he talked about Ohio State memories and shared stories about campus. When asked about his favorite OSU memories, John shared, “Well, the football games, of course”. He still remembers the first game he ever went to. His sister had bought him a ticket to the OSU vs. TCU game, and even though the Buckeyes lost that day, he still enjoyed his time in The Shoe. “They beat us. But then we went down to the field and tore the poles down. You would think we only did that when we won!” John still watches every game to this day.

John grew up with two brothers and one sister in the Ohio River town of Clarington, where his father was a dairy farmer. His grandfather came to the United States from Switzerland when he was 12, and John remembers life back in the day when a horse and buggy was the main way of transportation. He recalls the change from this to gravel roads and cars during the winter, and laughs thinking about how muddy it used to be.

John remembers Dr. Ralph Bender, who assisted in the practice teaching program in Westerville high schools, although he completed his program in Grove City with Mr. Ruble. He enjoyed attending basketball games with his friends and dance classes in the old Ohio Union. He and his classmates all donated $1 to help build stone walls near the university’s entrance on 15th Avenue. He still remembers the library, University Hall, and Townsend, and just recently came back for a visit last summer.

We are so happy to get to celebrate John's birthday in true Buckeye spirit!

Do you know a CFAES alum celebrating something big?  Let us know!