Alumni in the News

Emily Bailey

Our alumni are out in the world making great things happen.  If you see an alum in the news, let us know!

Here are some recent newsmakers from The Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences:



Emily Bailey AAPPSCI 2014 Floral Design & Marketing    

Michael Bailey, BS 1999 Agribusiness & Applied Economics, MS 2001 Agricultural Economics

Bryan Black, ASC 1980 Livestock Production and Management Beef and Sheep

Constance Cullman, BS 1990 Ag Economics, MS 1992 Ag Economics and Rural Sociology 

Keith DiDonato, BS 2001 Animal, Dairy & Poultry Science 

Nate Douridas ASC 2000 Crop Production Management

Gabe GemberlingGabe Gemberling, BS 2019 Construction Systems Management 

Al Holdren, BS 1972 Ag Economics   

Dr. Sanja Ilic PhD 2011 Food Science & Technology 

Jeffrey Johnson, BS 1972 Ag Education  Johnson Family

Jeremiah Johnson, AS 2002 Ag Education BS 2003 Ag Education

Lewis Jones, BS 1965 Ag Econ  

Laura Lindsey BS 2009 Environmental Science (NRE) MS 2009 Food Business Management  

Greg McGlinch, BS 2003 Ag Education 

Brian Reeves AS 2003 Ag Ed BS 2003 Ag Ed

Bill, Janet and Todd StacyBill Stacy ASC 1976 Agronomic Business Technology  

Sarah Steinbrunner, BSFDSCI 2019 Food Science & Technology 

Peter Thomison PhD 1983 Agronomy