CFAES Alumni Making News

Miranda Miser

Here are some recent newsmakers from The Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences.The Ayars family

Scott Adkins, BS & MS in Plant Pathology, 1989 & 1991 - 2018 American Phytopathological Society Award Recipients

Dan Andreas, BS in Animal Science, 1976 - Drink Milk: The Andreas Family 

John Ayars, BS in Agricultural Education, 1965, & Lucas Ayars, Animal, Dairy & Poultry Science, 2004 - Drink Milk: The Ayars Family 

Bala Balasubramaniam, PhD in Agricultural Engineering, 1993 - 2018 CFAES Innovator of the Year Award

Dr. James Beard, BS in Agronomy, 1957 (in memoriam) - Golf industry mourns James B. Beard, Ph.D.

Melissa Bell, MS in Human and Community Resource Development, 2000 - Melissa Bell named Ohio Pork Council Director of Membership OutreachDr. V. M. Balasubraminiam

Shelby Bradford, BS in Agricultural Communications & Horse Science, 2018 - People on the Move: Shelby Bradford

Marie Carity, BS in Agricultural Education, 2000 - Ohio FFA chapter’s Little Free Library brings books to kids

Greg Conrad, BS in Dairy Science, 1989 - Drink Milk: The Conrad Family 

John Douglass, BS in Dairy Science, 1984 - Drink Milk: The Douglass Family 

Kevin Elder, BS in Animal Science, 1975 - An evolution in conservation and nutrient management: Kevin Elder reflects on his career

Lad Hastings, BS in Dairy Science, 1994 - Drink Milk: The Hastings Family 

Scott Higgins, BS in Agricultural Economics, 1984 - Dairy farmers regroup after drop letter

Dr. Bill Hildebolt, BS in Food Science Technology, MS & PhD in Horticulture, 1966, 1967 & 1969 - Local author tells the story of Prego spaghetti sauce

J.W. Hodge, AS in Dairy Cattle Production and Management, 2000 and Dr. Rachel Hodge, BS in Animal, Dairy and Poultry Science, 2002   – Drink Milk: The Hodge Family

Bill Indoe, BS in Dairy Science, 1983 & Dick Indoe, BS in Dairy Science, 1959 - Drink Milk: The Indoe FamilyKelly Newlon

Dr. Gerald Johnson, BS in Animal Science, 1966 - 2018 Distinguished Alumni Award Winner for Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine

Steve Johnson, BS in Animal Science, 1979 - Reinventing the Meal: Cold-Brewed Coffee

Paul Keener, AS in Dairy Science and BS in Agribusiness and Applied Economics, 2009 & 2010 - Drink Milk: The Keener Family

Ben Klick, AS in Crop Managment and Soil Conservation, 2015 - Young and Farming: Ben Kick

Lee Kohler, BS in Agricultural Economics, 1976 - Drink Milk: The Kohler Family

Jaclyn Krymowski, AS in Livestock Science and BS in Animal Science, 2016 & 2018 - Ohio FFA Convention: An outsider’s perspective 

Dr. Thomas Mack, BS in Animal Science, 1957 - 2018 Distinguished Alumni Award Winner for Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine

Tom Macy, BS in Forestry, Fishing and Wildlife and MS in Environment and Natural Resources, 2010 & 2012 - Scientific Wild West: Insects such as body-hijacking waspMike Stitzlein (Photo credit: Catie Noyes, Farm & Dairy)s among least studied

Jason Miley, BS in Animal Science, 2011 - Drink Milk: The Miley Family

Miranda Miser BS in Agricultural Commications & Agribusiness and Applied Economics, 2017 - Area BPW members attend state meetings, competitions

Kelly Newlon, BS in Agricultural Education, 1998 - Passion for student development earns former NL grad NACTA teaching award

Dr. Tansol Park, PhD in Animal Sciences, 2017 - Tansol Park Awarded William E. Krauss Award for Excellence in Graduate Research

Addie Scheibe, AS in Floral Design and Marketing, 1982 - Drink Milk: The Scheibe Family

Dr. August "Fritz" Schmitthenner, MS and PhD in Plant Pathology, 1951 & 1953 (in memoriam) - August F. ‘Fritz’ Schmitthenner, 92, WoosterDr. Tansol Park

Dr. Scott Shearer, BS, MS & PhD in Agricultural Engineering, 1981, 1983 & 1986 - Shearer receives BETHA grant for Global Sustainable Village

Dr. Joe Shockey, BS in Animal, Dairy and Poultry Science, 2002 - Drink Milk: The Schockey Family

Brian Spahr, BS in Dairy Science, 1988 - Drink Milk: The Spahr Family

Mike Stitzlein, BS in Animal Science, 1991 - Club lambs and commercial flocks: Finding that balance

Nick Zachrich, BS in Agricultural Education & MS in Agricultural and Extension Education, 2007 & 2017 - FSR announces larger exhibit area

Spot an alum in the news? Let us know!The Hastings family