CFAES Connect: May 2018

  1. Swine

    Research at the Food Animal Health Research Program (FAHRP) in collaboration with Utrecht University in the Netherlands identified a pig virus with the potential to spread to people. 

  2. Professor Rodriguez-Saona

    The FDA ruled that the food industry must get rid of partially hydrogenated oils from human foods back in 2015 and gave the industry three years to do so.  Now that the deadline is drawing near, how will anyone be able to tell what foods still contain the outlawed substance? 

  3. Students reciting 4-H pledge

    Once again, Ohio claimed the win for the national 4-H Raise Your Hand campaign.  We'd like to provide a huge thank you to all of the alumni, volunteers and friends who got Ohio to the top spot. 

    After trailing Nebraska by 83 votes in the week before the campaign closed, Ohio hands shot

  4. Whiz Bang Science Show

    Here are some upcoming events that we thought you might like:

Alumni News

  1. Miranda Miser

    Here are some recent newsmakers from The Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences.

  2. Mary Ann Kistler Miller, a 1988 grad of the Agricultural Communications program, shared her phys ed memory:

  3. CFAES students in Brazil for study abroad

    Did you take part in a study abroad opportunity?  Tell us about where you went and what it meant to you.