150 Actions to Sustain Life Challenge

Sustaining life can look like many things.

Throughout 2020 we are looking to you to help us sustain life near and far by giving back to your communities or starting a new effort in your personal life. Whether you are a student, faculty, staff, alumnae, industry partner, stakeholder, or community partner, we want you to participate! Let us know how you are sustaining your life or giving back to your community. Please help us reach a goal of 150 actions during 2020!

  1. Take a picture of the way you are helping to sustain life.
  2. Please share it on social media. Use #CFAES150 and #CFAES150ActionsToSustainLife, and tag a friend to challenge them to join in on the fun!
  3. Include your name/group name and a brief description of the action.