Kids Are Scientists Too!

Two boys examining something.

As a college that is dedicated to preparing the scientists of tomorrow, we are always excited about introducing children to STEM and giving them a chance to stretch their natural scientific curiosity.  There are so many opportunities out there for all ages!  Here are some current opportunities and ideas:

  • This Popular Science article gives a handful of great ideas for showing children (and grown-ups!) how to be citizen scientists.
  • Turfgrass Science Summer Camp is an opportunity for 20 middle schoolers to learn about the intersection of plant science and sports.
  • ExploreAg Summer Camp exposes high school freshmen and sophomores to high-demand careers in science, technology or engineering.
  • 4-H offers leadership, citizenship, and STEM opportunities for ages 5 to 18.
  • Pills, Potions and Poisons is a weeklong day camp for highschool sophmores, juniors and seniors interested in biomedical sciences.
  • Young Women's Summer Institute is a week-long program for middle-school girls. It is designed to promote computer, math, science and engineering skills as well as provide hands-on experiences. 
  • Ohio State Newark Summer Enrichment Camp for teens in sixth, seventh and eighth grades includes some great lessons on bees and wildlife as well as other subjects. 

Some of these opportunities have limited space as well as application deadlines that are fast approaching.

And of course, if you have someone in your life considering college options, put them in touch with our admissions office.