Club Memories

Mike Simpson shares his memories from his days in the Saddle and Sirloin Club.
Mike Simpson, a 1968 graduate of the Animal Sciences program, shared memories from his days in Saddle and Sirloin:
I served as Treasurer and Vice President while in the club.  We had an event called the "smoker" where we passed cigars out to all the group members - both men and women - to smoke while Woody Hayes spoke to the group.  He was so friendly and approachable at the event and told us that his brother was a veterinarian. 
The club also got the opportunity to visit the Michigan State Saddle and Sirloin Club.  It was a cold and rainy visit, but we were able to tour the campus and meet their staff and faculty.  I remember being amazed at their turf program - particularly walking around on the spongy bog-type soil.  It was just like walking on a mattress!  While we were there, they hosted a little party for us.
My senior year, our club reciprocated the invite.  We showed them around and held a party in their honor too. 
Mike also shared that he lived in an apartment above the old sheep barn while in school.  Much different than where students live these days!