CFAES Check It Out - Meat Shoppe at Animal Sciences

Ohio State Meat Shoppe

The Department of Animal Sciences has a secret "enterprise" within it -- The Meat Shoppe!  The student-led Meat Shoppe is an opportunity for Meat Science students to learn tricks of the trade and develop skills in research and retail.  Items for sale include steaks, roasts, and processed meat products.  Promoting multiple sales and raffles throughout the year, the Meat Shoppe benefits multiple student groups throughout the college.  Proceeds from sales go to the Meat Science Program, including several courses and maintenance of the meat lab.  In addition, many of the students who work through The Meat Shoppe are part of Ohio State's Meat Judging Team.  In addition to the standard butcher items, the Meat Shoppe has been credited for their innovation.  Making exclusive hot dogs for the Buckeye Kick-Off and beef patty's with bacon in them for Sloopy's Diner (unfortunately not available to the public) Check out the Meat Shoppe's Facebook Page and their ordering information.  The Meat Shoppe is a great way to support current students and sample great-tasting meat products. 

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