#LeanOnYourLandGrant in a Crisis

From torrential downpours to extreme dry heat, Mother Nature and agriculture have not been the best of friends in 2019. 

This -- coupled with recent public policy issues -- has compounded struggles among various growers and producers in Ohio and nationwide. 

A task force from the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences has assembled resources and expertise that can assist from a broad perspective on the issues facing those in farming and related industries as well as the rural community overall.

Webinars and articles are available on the following topics: 2019 Ag Crisis, Farm Stress (for individuals and those serving the farming community), Agronomic Crop Farmers, Dairy Producers, Livestock Producers, Fruit Producers, Vegetable Growers and Wine Grape Growers.  Farming Crisis Updates

We invite you to utilize these resources as you see fit, share them with the greater agricultural community, and communicate with us.  Find resources and return for updates at go.osu.edu/agcrisis. #LeanOnYourLandGrant