Volunteer to Help Students Move In

OSU students

Both Columbus and Newark campuses could use a few good volunteers to help students move into their dorms next month.

There are two main volunteer jobs for Columbus campus:

Welcoming committee volunteers are placed in the staging lots to greet parents and students before they get to the building to unload. These volunteers get to be friendly, outgoing, and welcoming in conversations with parents and students.

Building volunteers are welcoming and friendly as they direct traffic, greet cars when they pull up to the building, help unload, manage elevators, and usher students and parents to their new homes.

Columbus move-in volunteers are needed August 15th and 18thOSU Newark is looking for building volunteers on August 18th.  OSU's Wooster campus has all the move-in help it needs for August, but if you are interested in lending a hand for other upcoming events in Wooster, email CFAESAlumni@osu.edu