CFAES Connect: July 2018

  1. Butter cows at the Ohio State Fair

    There are a million things to do at the Ohio State Fair which runs from July 25th to August 5th, and we hope that CFAES alumni and friends will be sure to make time to stop by CFAES activities - both on the fairgrounds and just outside of them.

  2. Director of Franklin County Extension, Dr. Laquore Meadows with Patricia Brundige, longtime volunteer and donor who gave in memory of her parents.

    On June 29th, CFAES broke ground for a space that will serve countless people in Franklin County.  The Kunz-Brundige Franklin County Extension Office will exist within the Waterman Agricultural and Natural Resources Laboratory on West Lane Avenue.

  3. Black legged tick

    Lyme disease?  Meat allergy?  You've likely heard that the tick population is high this year and that you need to be vigilant to avoid tick-borne disease.  But how exactly do you do so?

  4. Zack Bazile, NCAA national title holder and ACEL student

    It's been a year to remember for Zack Bazile, a senior majoring in agricultural communications. 

  5. Mosquito

    If you spend your summer days swatting away mosquitos, you may be delighted to hear about the work of Dr. Megan Meuti, CFAES entomologist. 

  6. Boy milking a cow model

    Here are some interesting events coming up that we thought you might like:

Alumni News

  1. Chris Kurt

    Our alumni are out in the world making great things happen.

  2. OSU students

    Both Columbus and Newark campuses could use a few good volunteers to help students move into their dorms next month.

    There are two main volunteer jobs for Columbus campus:

  3. Krystel A. Navarro-Acevedo

    In the last issue, we asked alumni to tell us about their most eye-opening class.  Krystel A. Navarro-Acevedo, 2016 MS in Plant Pathology, shared her memory of Dr. Jason Slot's mycology class.

  4. OSU roommates

    The Columbus Dispatch recently wrote an article about how incoming freshman are matched as roommates.