Buckeyes are Everywhere

Jon Gerken

Jon Gerken, a 1970 Agronomy major, shared the most interesting place he’s run into fellow Buckeyes:

By far my most interesting encounter with OSU alumni was during our last trip to Germany.

In 2010, we traveled to Germany with 5 of my siblings, one cousin and spouses. It was a fantastic trip for many reasons, one of which was our visit to the Hofbrauhaus in Munich. I had heard many comments about yelling OH anywhere you travel and anticipating an IO response, but I really had never anticipated what we experienced.

We enjoyed dinner and watched the dancers in the upper room and then went downstairs to the traditional beer hall to enjoy the atmosphere that the Munich Hofbrauhaus is famous for.

When we went downstairs and wandered through the beer hall, much to my surprise, two tables were chanting OH…IO back and forth, as well as participating in other songs from OSU.

Needless to say, we sat down at a table beside one of these groups and began our own fun time.

But that wasn’t the end of the surprises. After we had been there for a time, a young lady came over to our table and asked about our connection to OSU. As it turned out, she had just graduated from OSU the month before and was on a graduation trip with her parents.

To say that a good time was had by all would be an understatement. But this evening was truly one of the highlights of the trip. To visit the original Hofbrauhaus is always a memorable experience. But to find yourself enjoying the evening with three other tables of OSU alums so far from home was nothing short of a miracle to me.