CFAES Connect: February 2021

  1. Register today to be part of the virtual Alumni Awards celebration!

  2. Yolanda Owens

    Get to know this '07 graduate who is changing how agriculture is viewed in her community!

  3. Matt Simmons

    Supporting the renovations at Waterman can leave your mark on OSU for generations to come! 

  4. What were 10 takeaways from the Dean’s recent State of the College Address? Learn what the Dean’s priorities are in 2021 and beyond!

  5. Giving to CFAES helps sustain student research

    See the impact that giving to CFAES makes on current students!

  6. Learn more about the EPN and how you can watch their programs for free!

  7. Endless scrolling has become a way of life

    Do your eyes hurt from a full day of screens? Is your job now screen-oriented? Learn about ways you can digitally detox. 

  8. Brutus Sandiego

    Meet the board vice president and central Ohio representative!