Alumni in the News

Eric and Cheryl Shaver

Our alumni are out in the world making great things happen.  If you see an alum in the news, let us know!
Here are some recent newsmakers from The Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences:

Dr. Joseph Bonnell, PhD in Natural Resources, 2001 - 2018-2019 Ohio State U.S. Fulbright Scholars

Ron Burns, BS in Agricultural Systems Management, 2011 - A roundtable with young farmers on the issues hitting them

Elizabeth George, BS in Environment, Economy, Development & Sustainability, 2016 - UH Law Center 3L Elizabeth George channels lifelong love of outdoors into environmental advocacy    Elizabeth George

J. Ray Gillespie, BS in Agricultural Education, 1952 – In memoriam

Rose Hartschuh, BS in Agricultural Education, 2008 - A roundtable with young farmers on the issues hitting them

Matthew Inniger, BS in Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, 2018 - Inniger is new project manager for CIFT

Nathan Isler, AS in Agricultural Business Technology, 2006 - Passion for putting pigs first drives swine manager of the year

Paul Lyons, BS in Animal Science, 1992 - Lyons joins Farm Bureau senior leadership team  Paul Lyons

Nick McCullough, BS in Landscape Horticulture, 2004 - Garden Design Guest Star: Nick McCullough

Tara Milliken, BS in Agricultural Education, 2011 - ACPA-College Student Educators International 2019 Award Recipients Announced

Melinda Myers, BS in Horticulture, 1979 - Melinda Myers relishes chance to meet fellow gardeners at Dispatch Spring Home and Garden Show

Monica Pennewitt, BS in Plant Pathology, 2018 - Finding the right graduate school program

Chris Phillips, BS in Agribusiness and Applied Economics, 1998 - Knox County dairyman has found a sweet spot, at least with life  Tara Milliken

Victoria Popp, BS in Animal Science, 2015 - Popp wins Farm Bureau Discussion Meet

Amanda Raines, MS in Agricultural and Extension Education, 2017 – Local OSU Extension Professionals Receive Recognition

Clint Rodabaugh, BS in Agribusiness and Applied Economics, 2006 - From Farm to Field, and Every Point Between: How a Cow Becomes a Football

Cody Rodabaugh, BS in Animal, Dairy and Poultry Science, 2008 - From Farm to Field, and Every Point Between: How a Cow Becomes a Football   

Nolan Rutschilling, BS in Environmental Policy and Decision Making, 2014 - Reader Profile: Nolan Rutschilling

Joseph Tychonievich, BS in Landscape Horticulture, 2006 - Gardening author dug into books on subject as a child   Joseph Tychonievich

Melinda Witten, BS in Agricultural Education, 2007 - Witten expands role at Ohio Farm Bureau

Bernadette Arehart, BS in Agricultural Communication, 1989 - Bernadette Arehart Named Ag Women of the Year 

Eric Shaver, BS in Agricultural Engineering, 1984, DVM in Veterinary Medicine, 1985 - Local Volunteers receive Extension Award