Alumni in the News

Cody Beacom BS Agriculture Mechanization & Systems 2009 -

Melissa Bell MS Human & Community Resources Development 2000 - Ohio Pork COuncil Names Melissa Bell Interim Executive Vice-President

Adam Campbell BS Agribusiness & Applied Economics 2009 - New Young Ag Professional Committee Members Named

Jessica Campbell BS Animal, Dairy & Poultry 2009 - New Young Ag Professional Committee Members Named

Dr.Graham Cochran PhD Agricultural Education 2009 - OSU Ready to build $35M 'High-Tech Greenhouse' 

Dr. Graham Cochran PhD Agricultural Education 2009 - Graduation: Fellows Honored at APLU Meeting

Thomas Dimond BS Animal Science 1950 - Thomas Dimond

David Glass AS Agricultural Business Technology 2016, BSAGR Agribusiness & Applied Economics 2017 -

Glenn Harsh BS Agricultural Economics 1987 -

Jason Hartschuh BS Animal Science 2011, MPHM Plant Health Management 2014 - Late Planting Leads to Wetter Harvested Grain

Aaron Heilers BS Landscape Horticulture 2006 -

Dr. Rudolph Hirzel PhD Horticulture 1964 - Rudolph William Hirzel

Hannah Jarvis BSAGR Animal Science 2018 - New Young Ag Professional Committee Members Named

Dr. Ani Katchova PhD Agricultural Economics 2001 - Ohio Farm Incomes Forecast to Rise

Dr. Laura Lindsey BS Environmental Science 2009, MS Soil Science 2009 - Soybean Research Addresses Some of the Challenges of 2019

Jane Marshall BS Agricultural Engineering 1985 - American Agri-Women Elects New National Officers

Micah Mensing AS Agriscience Education 2017, BSAGR Agriscience Education 2019 -

Eric Richer BS Agricultural Education 1999 - Late Planting Leads to Wetter Harvested Grain

Jeffrey Stimmell BSAGR Agriscience Education 2014 - Ohio's Agriculture Industry is Much More than Just Farming 

Kelsie Schwyn BSAGR Agribusiness & Applied Economics 2016 - Ohio Farm Bureau Adds Schwyn to Staff

Mark Watkins BS Animal Science 1985 - 2019 Ag Hall of Fame to be Inducted at December 3 Banquet

Dr. Suzanna Windon MS Agricultural Education 2014, PhD Agricultural Education 2017 - New Penn State Leadership for AgrAbility PA named