Hrubes Memorial Buckeye Tree Planted on ISU Campus

Mike Gaul (Director of Career Services in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Iowa State University, brothers Brandon and Nathan Hrubes, and Joni Erwin (Inaugural Scholarship Recipient)) plant a Buckeye tree on the campus of Iowa State University.

The Iowa State University campus has a Buckeye tree planted to remember the late husband of a CFAES alum, thanks to our college Ambassadors.

To honor Ryan Hrubes, late husband of Emily (Chappie) Hrubes, the CFAES Ambassadors donated tree that was planted at ISU in October.

Here is an excerpt from the tree’s memorial:
“Ryan served both The Ohio State University and Iowa State University during his time as a student through Agriculture Future of America by providing mentorship, leadership workshops and inspiration to land-grant students involved in the organization. Ryan's wife, Emily (Chappie) Hrubes, is an alumnae of The Ohio State University and consummate leader who continues to inspire and lead the future of agriculture in many ways…This tree is a memorial gift between two colleges of agriculture in recognition and thanks for the impact our students make on each other. May this tree be a reminder to all that this life is about serving others.”
“Consider the tree a sign of friendship and support in the loss of a shared friend and leader," said Kelly Newlon, the college's Study Abroad specialist and former ambassadors advisor. "Life is far more fragile than we are able to comprehend, especially during our college days. Ryan was full of potential and made a great impact during his short time here with us. He will be greatly missed. Emily will undoubtedly carry his energy forward.”

Below is a passage from a story written by Melea Reicks Licht for an upcoming issue of Iowa State's STORIES Magazine.

Emily and Ryan’s story also touched colleagues at Emily’s alma mater.
Jill Arnett, program manager of The Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Office of Prospective Student Services, says the college’s ambassador team wanted to support Emily and “pay it forward” in offering a living memorial for Ryan – a tree planting at Iowa State.
“By planting a buckeye tree we hope it provides a positive impact for all who see it, even if they don't know why it is planted. Emily focused on impacting as many people as possible at Ohio State. We hope this tree continues to grow and mature throughout the seasons while extending strong roots as both Emily and Ryan portrayed,” Arnett says. “We hope his loved ones know by planting this tree we celebrate his life.”
The buckeye was grafted from a parent tree on the Iowa State campus. Planted in October, between Ross and Curtiss Halls, the tree grounds Ryan’s memory to Iowa State for generations.