CFAES Connect: December 2016

Alumni News

  1. Alumni awards trophies from past years

    Congratulations to the 14 outstanding alumni and friends who will be recognized at the 2017 CFAES Alumni Awards Luncheon on March 4.

  2. Mike Gaul (Director of Career Services in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Iowa State University, brothers Brandon and Nathan Hrubes, and Joni Erwin (Inaugural Scholarship Recipient)) plant a Buckeye tree on the campus of Iowa State University.

    The Iowa State University campus has a Buckeye tree planted to remember the late husband of a CFAES alum, thanks to our college ambassadors.

    To honor Ryan Hrubes, late husband of Emily (Chappie) Hrubes, the CFAES Ambassadors donated tree that was planted at ISU in October.

  3. Alumni
    The college’s 1976 national champion General Livestock Judging Team reunited at the recent North American International Livestock Exposition in Kentucky.
  4. Put on your best Buckeye hat!

    The Ohio State University Buckeyes are preparing for their second berth in the College Football Playoff on Dec. 31! Are you going?

    Find ticket and tour information.

Alumni Spotlight

  1. Tracy Kitchell

    Tracy Kitchel, who has come full circle from scholar to ACEL chair, reflects on his start in undergrad and future plans as his department prepares to celebrate its Centennial next year. 


  1. Students scrawling signatures in chalk on a sidewalk mural to college supporters

    CFAES students show their appreciation to friends of the college.

  2. Brutus is holding a present. Please make an end-of-year gift to CFAES.

    End-of-year gifts are a great way to help CFAES students, research outreach; they are tax-deductible as well.

    Donate on the web.

  3. OSU CFAES pitcher and a cup of egg nog by a fire

    He is the World's Most Interesting Professor, and he drinks Ohio egg nog.

  4. Archie Max Lennon

    Max Lennon, former CFAES Vice President of Agricultural Administration and Dean, died Nov. 29. He was 76.


  5. Rubber gloves

    Two teams led by CFAES faculty decided to create startup companies based on research they have developed at The Ohio State University.

    The Ohio State teams were among 23 selected from 12 universities and other institutions in the state to participate in the second round of the 2016