Roommate Memories

Andrew Wiley

Andrew Wiley, a 2006 Construction Systems Management alum, shared his roommate memories:

I was in the ag college living learning dorm in Scott house (R.I.P) for my freshman year.  The randomness of placement put me with a person that grew up less than 30 minutes from me despite never meeting in 18 years of life prior, a person that his mom went to high school with my mom as well as his grandparents being good friends with my grandparents, and finally a person with no apparent connection to me.  All in all, it made for an overall good mix.  One fond memory involved my most hardcore of Buckeye fan roommates and I collecting a large amount of “Go Bucks” signs handed out at a basketball game and proceeding to wallpaper our entire dorm room while the other two were gone for the weekend.  The looks on the faces of our returning roommates that Sunday evening were priceless.

Mike Simpson, a 1968 graduate of the Animal Sciences program, told us about the many people he roomed with:

To begin, this will sound like a sad story and one might say “what was wrong with him”.  In the four years I attended OSU I had 23 roommates!  Three of those years were on the fifth floor of Park Hall and the remaining year was in the student housing above the sheep barn where there I had just one.  My roommates were all assigned at random.  Mike Simpson

In those days the Park Hall rooms were all set up for three to a room unless you were in a corner room and there it was either four or five.  I was always in a three to a room situation.  My first two roommates were agriculture guys from rural farm backgrounds.  When both came to OSU, they were assigned to remedial math and English classes.  Neither were “goof-offs” but at the end of two quarters both had failed the remedial classes and thus were destined to flunk out and did.  Obviously, they didn’t have the college prep training from high school that would have helped them succeed at OSU.  I was glad I attended a city high school in Dayton which prepared its graduates very well for going on to college.

I don’t remember the names of most all those guys or stayed in touch with any of them as all of the rest of them were non-ag students.  One of them was a foreign language student and was only a roommate for less than 2 weeks.  As I remember, he was a good guy but out of nowhere just disappeared.  Never heard what happened to him but after about 5 days his parents came and picked up his belongings.

I did have a lot of friends on the fifth floor of Park Hall, though, and can remember other good times and stories of pranks and activities.