CFAES Connect: April 2019

  1. CFAES Check It Out: Sensory Science Lab

    Scientists observe as woman sips coffee in the Sensory Lab

    The Department of Food Science and Technology perfects and innovates food products in a variety of ways, and historically has created many products and processes that we see everyday (including the Drumstick ice cream treat).  Many of these advancements come from the labs of the Food Innovation Center on the Columbus Campus.  One of the more unique research resources is the Sensory Science Lab.  

    What we eat is determined by more than just hunger pangs.

    It's often an unconscious response to what's around us, according to a sensory researcher with Ohio State University's College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences.

    "Our environment can affect how much we eat, and even how much we like a food," said Chris Simons, who joined the Department of Food Science and Technology earlier this year. "Environmental cues -- visual, auditory, aroma -- can generate cravings that influence food intake."

    Simons, whose background is in both sensory science and neuroscience, is now putting the finishing touches on new labs in the Parker Food Science and Technology Building that will help him study human response to such cues, and will hire his first graduate student as a research assistant in August.

    Simons also has an appointment with the college's research arm, the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center.

    One of Simons' new testing grounds is an immersive technologies laboratory.

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  2. Raise Your Hand for 4-H

    Raise Your Hand

    Raise Your Hand in support of 4-H Programing.  Ohio has won this interstate competition for the past two years, and we are looking for a three-peat! However, we are currently behind, and we have to make up some ground this year. (Please vote for the state you associate your 4-H experience with) If you have voted in the past, you can vote again!  You do not need to be a 4-H alum or volunteer to participate, just a supporter of 4-H Youth Programming.  

    Only one in three kids say they have the skills to handle what life throws their way. If we don’t give our kids the opportunity to succeed, we all fail.

    That’s where 4‑H comes in — programs that meet youth and families where they live, serve community needs, and build critical life skills young people need to thrive.

    You can help by raising your hand to support kids in your community! Vote now and your state’s 4‑H program could win $5K, $10K or $20K to help more young people do, learn and grow.

    Join us today and Raise Your Hand, because every child deserves a chance to succeed.  

    Head Heart Hands Health


  3. Wang Receives The Ohio State University's Distinguished Scholar Award

    Guo-Liang Wang

    Scientist Guo-Liang Wang, an international leader in rice genetics, has received The Ohio State University’s Distinguished Scholar Award for his contributions to global food security.

    The award, which includes a $20,000 research grant and a $3,000 honorarium, recognizes exceptional scholarly accomplishments by senior professors who have compiled a substantial body of research.

    Wang, a professor of plant pathology in Ohio State’s College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES) since 1999, has produced pioneering insights into the resistance of crop plants to fungal and bacterial pathogens, specifically disease resistance in rice.

    Rice is one of the most important crop plants on the planet, feeding half the world’s population. However, rice diseases constrain stable rice production worldwide. Significantly, various pathogenic microbes cause severe yield losses in epidemic years, leading to major financial hardships and starvation in many countries.

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  4. Buy a CFAES T-Shirt and Support Our Students

    CFAES T-Shirt

    CFAES Student Council is holding a CFAES T-Shirt Fundraiser with proceeds benefiting students of the college through scholarships and activities. Shirts are available in the Agricultural Administration building, or you can order yours online while supplies last. 

    Shirts are $20 if they can be picked up in person or $25 if you need them shipped. Please allow time for shipping and processing. 

    CFAES T-Shirt

    If you have questions, please contact Amanda Morgan (

  5. Pay Forward to CFAES Through a Gift of Property

    CFAES Students

    Transform property into a brighter future for Buckeyes. Want to make a gift to CFAES while realizing the maximum benefits from your real estate? Consider donating appreciated property. Such a generous gift helps us continue supporting student scholarships or other programs for years to come. Read more.

  6. Alumni in the News

    Fred Durant and other volunteers in Nebraska

    Our alumni are out in the world making great things happen.  If you see an alum in the news, let us know!

    Here are some recent newsmakers from The Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences:

    Dr. Blanca Bernal, MS Natural Resources 2008, PhD Environment and Natural Resources 2012 - Fixing the Leaking Pipeline  Dr. Blanca Bernal


    Jim Case, BS Agricultural Economics 1973 - Delaware Co. Farmer's Ingenuity Brings Soilhawk Sampling System to Reality 

    Fred Durant, BS Agricultural Economics 1965 - Photo Highlights from Ohio's Rural Relief Efforts in Nebraska 

    Greg Hartschuh, BS Agricultural Mechanization & Systems 2006 - Photo Highlights from Ohio's Rural Relief Efforts in Nebraska 

    Jason Hartschuh, BS Animal Science 2011, MPHM Plant Health Management 2014 - Photo Highlights from Ohio's Rural Relief Efforts in Nebraska 

    Rose Hartschuh, BS Agricultural Education 2008 - Sending Help to Nebraska 

    Matt Hutcheson, BS Agribusiness and Applied Economics 2007 - Spring Fieldwork Tips for Winter Wheat 

    Rodney Kissell, BS Agricultural Education 1968, MS Agricultural Education 1977 - Former Teachers Reichert, Kissell Inducted into the Ag Hall of Fame 

    Rodney Kissell and Timothy Reichert

    Rattan Lal, PhD Agronomy 1968 - Ohio State's Rattan Lal Receives Japan Prize 

    Candace Lease, BSAGR Animal Science 2016 - Photo Highlights from Ohio's Rural Relief Efforts in Nebraska

    Lamar Liming, BS Dairy Science 1989 - 2019 Between the Rows Farmers Gearing Up for Planting

    Dr. Tom Miller, BS Animal Science 1970 - Photo Highlights from Ohio's Rural Relief Efforts in Nebraska 

    Ric Queen, BS Fisheries & Wildlife Management 1979 - Volunteers Plant Trees and Wildflowers to Celebrate Earth Day 

    Matt Reese, BS Agricultural Communications 1999, MS Agricultural Education 2004 - Photo Highlights from Ohio's Rural Relief Efforts in Nebraska

    Timothy Reichert, BS Agricultural Education 1968, MS Agricultural Education 1983 - Former Teachers Reichert, Kissell Inducted into the Ag Hall of Fame 

    Jarred Shellhouse, BSAGR Agricultural Communications 2017 - Your Ag College Guide

    Kurt Weaver, BS Animal, Dairy & Poultry Science 2004 - Photo Highlights from Ohio's Rural Relief Efforts in Nebraska 

    Group of Ohio Volunteers

    Mallory Zachrich, BS Agricultural Education 2007 - Mechanicsburg Farm 'hops' into New Brew

    Nick Zachrich, BS Agricultural Education 2007, MS Agricultural and Extension Education 2017 - Mechanicsburg Farm 'hops' into New Brew


  7. Become a Member of the CFAES Alumni Board

    CFAES Alumni Board

    The College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences Alumni Board represents the voice of all alumni of the college. The board serves as a resource for all relations between college alumni and the OSU Alumni Society, and it has representatives from every academic department, regions of Ohio, out of state and from the last three graduating classes.  The group meets quarterly in addition to events throughout the year.  Currently there is one opening on the board, Out-of-State Representative.  Representative applicants must live outside the state of Ohio.  


    • Sustaining Member of The Ohio State University Alumni Society (Membership Must be Maintained During Time on Board of Directors. This requires an annual donation of $75 to the Ohio State fund of your choice.)

    • Be Available to Attend Meetings of the Board of Directors in Person or By Phone

    • Be Able to Plan and Promote the mission of the CFAES Alumni Society

    • Not Have Previously Served on the Board of Directors as a Geographical or Departmental Representative for Maximum Number of Years

    • For Geographical Representatives: Live in Area that you are Representing

    Term Limits

    • 3-Year Term, Serve No More than 2 Terms Concurrently or Non-Concurrently

    • Term Begins July 1st Year Elected and Concludes 3 Years Later on June 30th


    If you are interested in applying please fill out the application found here!  Applications are due Friday, May 24th and can be emailed to