College Job Memories

Adam Bennett with his wife, Emily, and son, MJ.

Adam Bennett, who earned his BS in Agribusiness and Applied Economics in 2013, shares how much he appreciated his unique college job:

I held several part-time jobs while I was in college, but my favorite, by far, was working for the OSU Farm Science Review at the Molly Caren Ag Center in London, Ohio. It was a little Cassie Reedunconventional in terms of campus jobs since we travelled the 30 minutes from campus to work each day, but it was incredibly rewarding. I was part of a team that worked year-round, behind the scenes to implement one of the largest farm shows in the country that annually draws over 100,000 visitors. The flexibility to work around class schedules meant that I could work as much or as little as I wanted so I didn’t have to worry about it interfering with my studies. I was able to make some great friends and earn some money for all those Cane’s trips, all while working with brand new equipment and being exposed to some scholarship opportunities as well. I liked working with the FSR staff so much that I still go back each fall and help prepare for the show.

Cassie Reed graduates next week with a dregree in agronomy.  She shared her Farm Science Review memory as well:

One of my favorite job memories is the few weeks leading up to the shows at FSR where we have lunches and dinners and everyone gets together.


Mike Simpson, a 1968 graduate of the Animal Sciences program, told us about his work in the beef cattle barn.

I worked as a student laborer at the beef cattle barn for all 4 years of my education at OSU except for one quarter.  The herdsman at the time was Curt Balthaser, and Dr. George Wilson  was the faculty supervisor for the herd.  OSU had a strong previous reputation breeding Angus with a bull called O Bardoliermere 2. 

The job was a very worthwhile experience and good rounding of my education.  Pay for the job was $0.25  an hour, and the end of my 4 years made it to $1.75. 

I do think my OSU experience and that of my summer job with a registered cattle herd in KY did get me a full assistantship at Penn State for my Masters degree.

As a senior, one afternoon I was working in the cattle barn and a reporter from the Lantern called about doing a story on a woman who was fitting a heifer for the spring Little International Show.  He was interested in the angle because she wasn’t an agricultural student.  He asked me to tell her to epect him, but she thought I was joking.  Since she wouldn’t believe me, I made a bet that the reporter would arrive for the story and pictures.  If I was wrong, I would go back and kiss an ole Brown Swiss cow on the lips.  But if the reporter did come, she would go out with me on a date. 

I of course won the bet and the date.  I also remember that she placed pretty high in the Little International!  I won the beef showmanship that year. Mike Simpson