Thank you for participating in Campus Campaign 2017!

April 22, 2017

Thanks for participating in Campus Campaign 2017!

Your Gift Does More is the theme of The Ohio State University Campus Campaign, which ran through April 30.

Week 8 Featured Funds
Week 7 Featured Funds
Week 6 Featured Funds
Week 5 Featured Funds
Week 4 Featured Funds
Week 3 Featured Funds
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Week 8: Your Gift Does More - - Michelle's Story

Floral arrangement gift basketI joined the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences on March 1, 2016. I joined during the Campus Campaign. One of my employees sent updates to the team promoting the campaign and how to give. This employee also encouraged our team to contribute to our fund. I was surprised to learn that we had our own fund, so I inquired as to how it was used. The team uses the fund (Furtherance of Cooperative Extension Information #307960) to celebrate team accomplishments, individual employee milestones, or mourn the loss of loved ones.

The photo is a flower arrangement we just sent to one of my team members last week that just had her first baby. Having come from state government where everyone had to chip in to do these types of things, I thought it was a great way to support the college and my team. So, I signed up. I like knowing that my support is going directly to support my team in their times of joy and sorrow.

If you haven’t donated, I encourage you to find something to support that either gives you joy or gives joy to others. The campaign ends Sunday, April 30, so please consider donating. Your gift – no matter how big or small – does more.

Michelle Ball
Marketing and Communications

Week 8 Featured Funds

Two scientists working on agronomics in a fieldOSUE Agricultural and Natural Resources

  • ANR Agronomic Systems Support 314617 supports outreach efforts in Agricultural and Natural Resources Agronomic Systems. To be used for operating and salary expenses associated with these programs.
  • Agricultural and Resource Law Fund  314725 To support legal research and outreach efforts in the Agricultural and Resource Law Program.


OSUE Horticulture & Crop Science

  • OSUE Master Gardener Endowment Fund 645365 Established June 22, 2012 with gifts from colleagues and friends of the Ohio Master Gardener Program; used to support the Ohio Master Gardener Program in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences. 


And don’t forget this year’s CFAES highlighted funds:

Week 7: Your Gift Does More - - Greg's Story

Up until about 18 years ago, it was difficult for me to understand the idea of giving the dollars I earned from my employer back to my employer. It was about that time that I had a chance to learn about the Cooke Castle during a work trip to Stone Lab at Lake Erie.

I learned that the Cooke Castle was the stately limestone home built on Gibraltar Island in the 1800s. The old home was beautiful but sorely in need of repairs. Being a lover of history and quality craftsmanship, I knew I could help in its preservation and restoration.

Jay Cooke Mansion at Stone LabI didn't give much, but what I did contribute made me feel good. I have been contributing to the Jay Cooke Home Restoration Fund #301508 ever since. My seemingly small contributions are combined with those of so many others, past, present and future, to support some of the things about OSU I value most.

Now I look forward to seeing how my contributions support these things, whether they be professional development scholarships, cash achievement awards or Cooke Castle renovations. I have also come to realize that if we don't care enough about these things to give ourselves, how can we expect anyone else to do so?

I encourage you to find a cause that speaks to your heart...chances are there is a fund to support it. Then, give what you can and prepare yourself for the happiness that will result from knowing that you are helping others.

Greg Davis
Assistant Director
OSUE Community Development

Week 7 Featured Funds


ACELACEL is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the department this year. In celebration of this milestone, our department is highlighting the ACEL Centennial Endowment Fund #483150. This fund will support a permanent endowment which has been designed to support and enhance our academic programs has been established. This fund is named the “Centennial Endowment Fund for the Department of Agricultural Communication, Education and Leadership.” Your contribution to this fund will help ACEL continue to cultivate future leaders, communicators, and educators.



OSU ExtensionOSUE Agricultural and Natural Resources

The OSU Extension Agriculture and Natural Resources Educator Professional Improvement Fund #312761 is to be used for OSU Extension Agriculture and Natural Resources Educators for Professional Improvement, recognition and other needs to support their profession.

The AG/NR Team Support #305079 supports activities related to producing Agritrends.



Week 6: Your Gift Does More - - Emily's StoryEmily Jewell and friends in front of a statue in Rome

As a CFAES alumnus, CFAES Advancement staff member and CFAES donor, I have experienced every aspect of the generosity and support our college receives and has to offer. 

While I was a student, my Study Abroad travels took me to Brazil, the Czech Republic, Poland, the Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp, Rome and the Vatican City, teaching me the diversity of other cultures, the devastation and rebirth of communities and countries, the beauty and pride of historic cities, the different innovative agricultural practices to observe and, of course, the variety of cuisines to enjoy. At the risk of sounding cliché, these experiences truly helped broaden my horizons and strengthened my character. 

I give to the CFAES Study Abroad Fund #314112, so any students who are interested in exploring the world and want to open their minds to other ways of life have fewer obstacles to taking advantage of one or more of the 23 Education Abroad opportunities CFAES has to offer. 

-Emily Jewell
Stewardship Program Coordinator, Advancement


Week 6 Featured Funds


The Dr. M. Eugene Cravens Scholarship Fund #621350 supports the M. Eugene Cravens Scholarship, which is open to Agribusiness and Applied Economics majors at Ohio State. It is awarded on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and potential contribution to the agricultural industry. It is one of several scholarships made available by agribusiness firms, individuals, and agricultural organizations for students interested in agribusiness, farm finance, agricultural marketing, farm management, and closely related areas.

The Ag Econ Annual Fund #308712 provides the chair with the flexibility to invest in emerging priorities, ideas, and programming and support department community building activities.


Office of International Programs in Agriculture










The Office of International Programs in Agriculture seeks to provide students and faculty in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES) with opportunities to engage in international agricultural research, teaching, and learning. Our office is committed to offering programs that allow students and faculty in all of CFAES’s twelve departments and schools to address complex issues of food security, environmental sustainability, and human & institutional capacity development in a global context.
Financial support through this fund will support international research scholarships for students, collaborative activities with international partners, and campus programs aimed at advancing solutions to international agricultural challenges.

International Programs in Agriculture Special Fund 302757 provides support for international exchanges, research opportunities, visitor hosting, short term visiting scholars, and building international collaborations.

Week 5: Your Gift Does More -- Brian's Story

I used to hit the delete key… 
Do you automatically delete emails requesting money for the Campus Campaign? I’m not crazy about getting solicited, either. But nearly 25 years ago, I began remembering all the help I’d received in college (work-study jobs, scholarships, Pell grants, cash from my older sister! etc.) and I Urban Agriculture and Youth Education Gardens that have been supported, in part, by the Community Development Extension Support Fund 308100.realized how fortunate I had been to get that help and stay in college. I also remembered something I was taught growing up: we should all contribute even the smallest amount to help others. It could be to a charity, a school, a faith organization or to a neighbor whose child has cancer. So I started doing that. 
I really hesitate sharing this as it might sound boastful, but if I don’t share, how can I encourage others? With that said, I personally know many of you support several causes, some at significant levels. And you do it quietly, without any acknowledgement. Blessings to you!  Today, I hope you’ll consider adding an OSU Campus Campaign donation to support the good work being done here at OSU too.  
Thank you. 
Brian Raison
PS: The photo shows Urban Agriculture and Youth Education Gardens that have been supported, in part, by the Community Development Extension Support Fund 308100.

Week 5 Featured Funds

OSUE Community Development

Community Development Extension Support Fund 308100 provides support for Educational Programs in Community and Natural Resources Development within the Ohio Cooperative Extension Services.

School of Environment and Natural Resources

The School of Environment and Natural Resources Scholarship Fund 313978 supports scholarship awards for undergraduate students in the School of Environment and Natural Resources. The school creates science-based knowledge and fosters environmental sustainability through teaching, research and outreach. Discovery and leadership are promoted through a comprehensive approach that integrates the natural and social sciences, leading to a better understanding of environmental and natural resource challenges locally, regionally and globally.

Income from The Barnebey Family Scholarship Fund 600329 provides graduate and undergraduate scholarships in the School of Natural Resources and student-oriented endeavors of significance to the school's progress. This endowment fund was established in 1995 from proceeds from the sale of The Barnebey Center in southeastn Ohio. The school operated the center, a former summer camp, as the location for a natural resources capstone course for seniors.


Week 4: Your Gift Does More -- Mark's Story

This is the Mark Light field at the University of Miami of Florida. Someday I hope to visit my field that is named after me. Maybe next winter. 
When I worked for Ohio Northern University I found it odd that my employer would solicit me for money. That was until it was explained to me. When a university advancement team solicits donors, the donor often asks, what is the percentage of institutional giving? The closer this is to 100%, the more likely the donor will give. He said it could be as little $1 a month would count. I did not have to donate enough to have a baseball field named after me. IF employees believe in the institution, then donors should too. I gave for the first time that year.
At OSU it’s even better. Not only can we give, but we can pick where we want the money to go.  I give to the Hardin County 4-H Endowment through OSU. The money does not have to stay in Columbus! I did not have this option at ONU.
So I give happily every year as it makes a difference. I encourage you to give as well. Our current participation as a college is only 27% and we would like to see it reach 45% this year. It takes 5 minutes to make a difference and YOU choose where the difference ends up!
Mark Light
Extension Educator, Hardin County

Week 4 Featured Funds

Plant Pathology 

Teaching, research and extension— three missions exemplified within the Department of Plant Pathology.
The Plant Pathology Annual Fund 302418 supports departmental needs and activities, such as outreach, alumni relations, students co-curricular activities and undergraduate research.
This fund supports student travel to professional meetings, alumni outreach and engagement, along with departmental operations and activities. “It has allowed the department to offer valuable student support which has made our graduates successful professionals. We invest in our people and other special projects which grow our department,” said Sarah Williams, academic program specialist, Department of Plant Pathology.
The Professorship in Plant Protection 605816 provides salary and program support for a distinguished scholar and researcher in the field of plant protection. The fund allows its manager to provide primary support for graduate and undergraduate student recruitment efforts and scholarships.
“It is important because every student within the Department of Plant Pathology is involved in the research mission,” academic program specialist Sarah Williams said.
Ohio 4-H
Ohio was selected to host the annual professional development conference, set for October 7-11, 2018 in Columbus. This is an opportunity to highlight the efforts of Extension, CFAES and OSU to 1200+ 4-H professionals from all over the country. And while we will be seeking volunteers from the College for assistance during the Conference, we are most appreciative of financial support, too.


Week 3: Celebrating Together

Baby picturesWhen you’re passionate about what you do and where you work, your colleagues become more like family. We celebrate the good times and we commiserate during the not-so-good times.

Ed Nangle, Assistant Professor in the Horticultural Science Department at Ohio State ATI was a recipient of the Sunshine Fund (306146) this January.  On January 7th, Ed’s wife Cecilia gave birth to a daughter, Micaela.  The Sunshine Fund provided an arrangement and card to welcome the new addition to their family.  Ed described it as “beautiful” and mentioned the arrangement “lit up the house.”

By choosing to make a contribution to the Sunshine Fund during the 2017 Campus Campaign, this will ensure the capability to continue sending a piece of happiness to faculty and staff at Ohio State ATI during life’s most significant moments. 


Week 2: What's Your Passion?

This week marks the second full week of Campus Campaign 2017 and we want to know what you’re passionate about!

Is it similar to Emily’s story?

Animals are a huge part of my family’s life – we care deeply about animal welfare and rights, and our pets are considered a part of our family. That is why I chose to make my 2017 Campus Campaign contribution to “Faithful & Forgotten Friends” under Angel’s Fund #313675. This amazing organization was started by OSU faculty and works tirelessly to improve the quality of life for pets of the less fortunate in central Ohio through educating their owners and providing food, vaccinations, assistance with spay/neuter procedures and other medical aid.

-Emily Steiner

Office Administrative Associate, CFAES Dean’s Suite


Week 3 Featured Funds

Agricultural Technical Institute

Ella Lorentz, Campus Campaign Ambassador 

ATI Student Leadership Opportunities #315636 - Funding supports professional development opportunities for students. Expenses may include, but not be limited to, payment of registration, travel, lodging, etc.

ATI Alumni Fund  #309033 -- Supports ATI Alumni Relations activities

ATI Sunshine Fund #306146 -- Funds are used to express support through planters or cards on occasions of significance to employees of ATI.

Week 2 Featured Funds

Researchers in a lab at Parker

Department of Food Science and Technology

Kelly Elisar, Campus Campaign Ambassador

Food Science & Technology Equipment and Technology Fund #314430 -- This fund supports the equipment and technology needs of the Department of Food Science and Technology. This enables our faculty to conduct research and to engage in collaborative projects with industry. It also enables our students to get a high quality education with hands on experience to prepare them for a successful career in the food industry.

Food Science and Technology Annual Fund #312651 -- The chair of the Department of Food Science and Technology uses the FST Annual fund to help support student product development activities. These funds have supported laboratory equipment, lab supplies, as well as travel support for student competitions.

Hamilton County Extension

Deb Carney, Campus Campaign Ambassador

Hamilton County 4-H Fund #315767 -- Your gift to the Hamilton County 4-H Fund empowers every youth to learn, lead and succeed! Hamilton County 4-H Youth Development is a unique blend of both rural and urban youth development learning cultures demonstrated by the varied membership interest.








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Campaign Featured Funds

And you can always choose from our featured funds:

In addition, you may choose from numerous other CFAES funds, including those that help Ohio State Extension, Ohio 4-H, Agricultural Technical Institute, OARDC, Master Gardeners, and the Chadwick Arboretum. In fact, any university contribution -- including those made to Pelotonia -- count toward Campus Campaign goals.

Employees can make contributions by clicking here and entering login/password. Payroll deductions begin July 1 and continue until further notice. You may change designations and amounts at any time.


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What are My Payment Options?

To make a one-time gift:

  • Cash—Drop off in person at 1480 West Lane Avenue. Please do not send cash through the mail, to ensure your gift is secure.
  • Check—Make payable to The Ohio State University Foundation.
  • Credit card—Include your credit card number and expiration date on your gift form or make your gift online now. Medical Center staff and faculty can access the Campus Campaign web site through OneSource, the Medical Center’s Intranet. Emeritus faculty and retirees can give online at OSU Physicians, Inc. staff can make credit card gifts at

To make an ongoing gift:

  • Payroll deduction -- Sign up at and choosing the payroll deduction option, or include deduction information on your gift form. Deductions are ongoing gifts through per pay installments (12 times per year for those paid monthly and 26 times per year for those paid biweekly) and continue until Gift Processing or the Campus Campaign office is notified otherwise.

Whether you make a gift via cash, check credit card or payroll deduction, please remember to sign your form before sending it in. More FAQs can be found here.

Our college contacts for Campus Campaign are ambassadors Greg Davis and Thom Janini.

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Who's Participating?

The College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences has a goal of 45-percent participation. As of the Week 7 mark, our participation rate was 32 percent.

As a CFAES employee, your generosity is key. Even a donation of $1 helps. 

And 100 percent of your gift will go to the funds you select!

Return here to see the progress of The College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences has made towards reaching its goal.




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