Dale Seiberling Commits Additional $588,000

May. 8, 2013

Food Process Design Is a Priority … and Passion

Dale Seiberling is a self-proclaimed Clean-in-Place (CIP) evangelist, having spent over 60 years in the dairy, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries developing and applying CIP systems and technologies to any process designed to handle liquid or semi-fluid products or free-flowing dry granular materials.

Sparked during his years at Ohio State as an undergraduate (BS ’50), graduate student (MS ’51), and instructor in dairy technology, his passion for process design moved Seiberling to endow the Dale Seiberling Professorship in Dairy and Food Engineering and gift the college’s Dairy Pilot Plant with a pilot-scale CIP system to be used for future research.

Seiberling’s passion and impact, however, did not end there. His support continued this year when he chose to honor his late wife, Jean, for supporting him through the decades of his career by making a $588,000 commitment to endow the Jean F. Seiberling Graduate Research Assistantship Award in Food Engineering to support the Seiberling Professorship.

“Prof. H. L. Mitten, having recognized my mechanical and electrical skills at work in restoring the Townshend Hall University Dairy to better working condition in the late 1940s as a student employee, encouraged me to combine engineering studies with dairy technology at Ohio State at the graduate level. In a senior seminar taught by Dr. I. A. Gould in 1950, I wrote a report about emerging CIP technology. The subsequent conversion of that paper to a graduate-level term paper in a 1953 Industrial Engineering course, followed by its publication in the Journal of Dairy Technology in 1954, opened the path to my career.  Through Dr. T. Kristoffersen, I was introduced to the President’s Club program in the 1980s and began ‘paying forward’ when I made gifts of five two-year Jean F. Seiberling scholarships to meet my needs for skilled employees at Seiberling Associates, Inc.”

The Ohio State University Board of Trustees recently approved the appointment of Dennis R. Heldman, PhD, as the Seiberling Professor.

Before completing his doctoral degree at Michigan State, Heldman received his undergraduate and graduate degrees (’60, ’62) in Dairy Technology from Ohio State and remembers having Dale Seiberling as an instructor.

Dr. Heldman demonstrates CIP equipment.

“Even though the industry has changed significantly since I took Dale’s class, my work now is actively carrying on research in areas that Dale worked on so many years ago. This research aims to improve the efficiency of processes through more effective design and address the issues that we face today by reducing demand for energy, reducing demand for water, and reducing food losses and wastes. One of my goals is to build stronger relationships between Food Science and Technology and other engineering faculty in CFAES and in the College of Engineering.”

With a world population of 6.7 billion—projected to grow to more than 9 billion by 2040—sustaining growth in food production is of singular importance. Every day more than 860 million people go hungry worldwide. With Dale Seiberling’s support, the college is taking steps focused on increasing efficiencies in food production and distribution throughout the world to ensure an adequate and affordable food supply.

To learn more about supporting Food Science and Technology in food process design or one of our other CFAES But for Ohio State campaign priorities, please contact the Development Office at (614) 292-0473.