Student Impact Stories

Impact of Giving on Students

"This scholarship allows me to focus on and immerse myself in these clubs, organizations and activities. It has allowed me to not only impact my own life and education but others as well. I am able to really get to know who people are, what they are passionate about, and how they plan to impact the world. Thanks to someone supporting me financially, I am able to support others educationally, emotionally, and physically.

Thank you so much for not only investing in the future but showing that you believe in someone. When a donor gives a scholarship, it is supporting a student and allowing them to achieve their passion. Although those are great things, what I truly am grateful for is that you have given money to someone because you believe in this university, this college, and the students. The students here are some of the best in the world and it means so much to know that other people agree and truly believe in these students’ future.”

-Justin Bower, senior community leadership, community and extension education, current recipient of John H. Leonard Scholarship, The Sue and Walt Bailey Scholarship Fund, Jean W. and Clarence J. Cunningham 4-H Leadership Fund and past recipient of the Farm Bureau Scholarship, the Ag Education Scholarship, the Ralph E. 'Dutch' Schramm Scholarship Fund in Animal Science and the Ralph E. Bender Scholarship Fund.


"Last summer I interned in Washington D.C. with the Agricultural Retailers Association. I assisted and learned about all aspects of the trade association from membership recruitment and services to public policy. I completed a large membership recruitment and outreach effort by compiling state databases of certified pesticide and fertilizer dealers as well as serving as a first contact point for many prospective members. This summer, I am returning to Washington D.C. to work for the Grocery Manufacturers Association as a governmental affairs intern. I will be working closely with their federal governmental relations team on issues ranging from GMO labeling, the Food Safety Modernization Act, to more efficient food date labeling to reduce consumer waste.

"As a student, I have traveled to Washington D.C. for various conferences, Arizona for a leadership summit with other university’s agricultural ambassadors as well as studying abroad in Ecuador and Brazil. All of these experiences, though, are possible because I have some financial freedom to explore and take advantage of them. This scholarship really allows me to focus on both my academics and my involvement at Ohio State, both of which are crucial to a successful career advocating for agriculture.”

-Craig Berning, senior in agribusiness and applied economics, recipient of the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation Scholarship 

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"I am studying community leadership. In my major, I have a specialization in community and extension education. This May, I completed an Early Field Experience of 80 hours where I shadowed the Scioto County Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Educator.  This summer I am working in the State 4-H Office. Before I graduate, I hope to complete an internship in a county extension office. After graduation, I will either pursue a Master’s Degree or look for a job as an Extension Program Assistant or Program Coordinator.

I am involved in CFAES Peer Mentors, CFAES Student Council, First Year Experience: Nicaragua Study Abroad, CFAES Recognition Banquet Planning Committee, Collegiate 4-H, Saddle and Sirloin Club, Student Understanding Sustainability and Taking Action to Improve Nature and Society, Alpha Sigma Upsilon agricultural sorority, and 4-H volunteers.

My goals are to graduate with a Bachelor of Science and secure a job in the Cooperative Extension System.  Receiving scholarships allows me to attend Ohio State and focus on my course work and not be concerned with how I am going to pay for this or pay off student loans.

Thank you for your continued support of students from southeastern Ohio pursing an education in agriculture within the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences.”

-Emily N. Bauman, junior in Community and Extension Education, recipient of the Shirley A. Brooks-Jones Scholarship in Agriculture 

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“Making food healthier by removing artificial ingredients is of interest to me, so it might be something I’d like to specialize in,” she said.

I am a member of Best Buddies International at Ohio State. Best Buddies is a non-profit organization committed to enriching the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. One-on-one relationships mold the foundational bond among ‘buddies’ that I cherishe so deeply. I currently serves as the Associate Membership Coordinator for the Ohio State chapter.

A few hours each week I work at Wendy’s Gymnastics and Fitness for Children, interacting and exercising with kids ages one to twelve.

It’s nice not having to worry about finances as much, your support really does make the process of being in college a lot easier and helps me become a better student.”   

-Ali Lachey, sophomore, food science and technology, recipient of the Andersons Charitable Foundation Scholarship  

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“I chose agronomy because I have a passion for agriculture and have intentions of pursuing a career in sales. With agronomy, I can develop the knowledge necessary to advise farmers of the best practices to use on their farm. I enjoy working in the agriculture retail division. In this area, I can work directly with growers, helping them develop all aspects of the farm, starting with seed and finishing at harvest.

My experiences in Brazil through Alpha Zeta Partners and Ireland with the Human and Animal Interactions study abroad program were incredible. Observing how other countries function differently and diversity among cultures intrigues me. I get to see a whole different sector of agriculture than what I’m used to here, animal science. It gives me insight into animal production and different facets of agriculture. When I mention ‘Study Abroad’ to anyone, a conversation is sparked immediately. Without the generous support of my donors, I wouldn’t have been able to take advantage of study abroad opportunities. Studying abroad helps me develop both professionally and academically. For that, I am forever grateful.”

-Jessica Stacy, junior in Sustainable Plant Systems with an Agronomy specialization, recipient of the Pursch Family Memorial Fund, Roy O. Becker Agronomy Scholarship Fund, the Ohio Fruit Growers Society Fred O. Hartman Endowment Fund, CFAES Study Abroad Fund, the Mervin G. Smith Student and Faculty Fund in International Agriculture, and the Mike and Jill Eversole Nolan and Family Study Abroad Fund

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“While here at Ohio State I’m making connections with my peers and professors as well as learning a lot about my program, my college and most importantly, I’ve learned a lot about myself. As I got to know others and myself better, I found myself getting involved in my college and program as a Food Science Mentor and a college ambassador. It is thanks to this scholarship that I’ve had these opportunities. I am eager to work in the research and development of new foods and ingredients. This summer I will be a regulatory intern at SensoryEffects in Defiance, Ohio. I believe it will be an opportunity to learn about essential safety regulations, which will help me prosper as a food scientist. The scholarship provided tuition relief this year and as a result, I haven’t had to worry about getting a job, which allows me to focus on my studies. I am a member of the Food Science & Technology Club and have volunteered at Heart to Heart food pantry at the First Community Church of Columbus. This scholarship has allowed me to figure out what I want to do in my career because I have gained a clearer image of where I want to be after graduation. I want to thank my donors for presenting me this scholarship.”

-Emily Kreinbrink, sophomore in food science and technology, recipient of the 4-H Bob Evans Farms Scholarships, The Thomas P. and Patricia L. Brundige Food Science and Technoloy Program Fund and the Robert B. Stoltz Dairy Technology Fund

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“In my time at Ohio State I have learned a lot both inside and outside the classroom. The construction systems management program within CFAES allows hands-on experiences that other colleges don’t offer. I like to look at blueprints and turn what’s on paper into reality for others. Joining the American Concrete Institute at Ohio State has broadened my knowledge and I use it frequently in my job at Thompson Concrete. These involvements have given me the opportunity to build lasting relationships within my field of study and advance in the construction industry. I am very grateful for this scholarship because I didn’t have to work all the time and I’ve been able to focus on furthering my education. Without the support of great people like those at Bob Evans, my experience at Ohio State wouldn’t have been possible. This scholarship helped me follow my dream of going to the best university in America, The Ohio State University.”

-Glen Tipton, junior in construction systems management, a recipient of 4-H Bob Evans Farms Scholarships

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“In my time at Ohio State I have been able to study abroad around the world and intern at The Ohio State University Meat Lab. Studying abroad in Ecuador, we looked at sustainable agriculture and different production systems between the U.S. and Ecuador and how their development impacts the economy, which was really fascinating. I spent an entire summer in Australia working on an honors research project working with cattle. It was a wonderful experience and I got to learn about Australian culture. The Meat Lab was really awesome; to get to see how to process all of the different meat products and to get to do all of those things myself -- that was a really unique experience.

“I thank those who created my scholarship for paying it forward, helping the next generation of students coming up in their field who they know will make an impact and will help shape the future of their industry. Through their scholarships and donations, we are able to pursue those other opportunities and really take advantage of them and make our education more well-rounded and have a better financial base to start out on once we graduate.”

- Caitlyn Mullins, senior in meat Ssience and recipient of the Jean W. and Clarence J. Cunningham 4-H Leadership Fund, CFAES Honors Program Scholarship and Small Project Grant, the Kunkle Meat Science Student Development Fund, CFAES Honors Program Scholarship and Small Project Grant, the Ralph H. Grimshaw Award, the Maximus Merit Scholarship and the OARDC Research Enhancement Competitive Grants Program

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"I chose to attend The Ohio State University because I knew I would be able to craft my own curriculum and really get some hands-on opportunities through the honors program. Now in my third year at Ohio State, I am writing my undergraduate thesis, serving as president of the School of Environment and Natural Resources (SENR) Ambassadors and planning to attend graduate school for marine ecology, none of which would have been possible without the scholarships I’ve received. One of the main highlights in my three years at Ohio State was being able to intern with the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center on Chesapeake Bay this past summer, which was a huge honor. Being president of the SENR Ambassadors is my way of giving back because my first visit to Ohio State was so meaningful to me and I want to be able to recreate that environment for other prospective students. I am very grateful to the donors for allowing me to contribute back to the world by increasing my education through their contributions and being able finish my undergraduate degree debt-free.”

- Ben Rubinoff, junior in environmental science and recipient of the Charles A. Dambach Memorial Fund Scholarship, the FAES Alumni Society Undergraduate Scholarship, the Dr. Roger C. and Margery Henderson Memorial Fund in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences Scholarship, the Hazen and Anna Jane Hildebolt Preble County Scholarship, the Provost Scholarship and the Kathryn Weisner Scholarship

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“I spent a couple of years researching the best veterinary schools in the country and around the world, and Ohio State has the highest graduation rate for veterinary school. …. I wanted more one-on-one time with the professors. I like a lot of one-on-one time with people. It is kind of cool. Environmental science is way different. We don’t just have books. Professors teach us everything from their vast knowledge and keep us up to date with all of the policies.

“I want to work with the wildlife and be able not just to help them physically, and check their health, but to enact policies. I’ve been surprised to learn how much of an impact that you can have on people and the wildlife, that you can actually help them. When you see problems on TV like Asian carp, you may not feel like you can do anything about it. But when you are in these classes, you can see how to deal with this problem and how to manage it. You can have a much bigger impact than just being a regular citizen.

“Everybody is so helpful, the whole Buckeye community - whether or not we know each other personally, we are still family. It has made the transition a lot smoother, especially coming from California. … The scholarship is extremely helpful because I do not have support. I have to live off-campus, it helps me to pay rent and utilities. I can focus on school and studying for final exams without a bunch of other nonsense clouding my head.”

- Amanda Soto, 24, junior majoring in forestry, fisheries, and wildlife with a pre-vet specialization, and recipient of the CFAES Achievement Scholarship

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"I want to focus my studies on product development, particularly the clean label or natural products designations. The U.S. still has the most reliable food system in the world in terms of safety and abundance. I work in the administrative office for Food Science & Technology and also in the Dairy Store. I also serve as food science club liaison to the CFAES student council and I am a member of the IFTSA College Bowl for Food Science. It’s a lot of work, but I am glad to have the opportunity to do this in undergrad than do it for the first time in graduate school or a job. The scholarship I received made attending OSU more affordable. I probably still would have gone here, but maybe I would be working more. It definitely helped with Study Abroad.”

-Olivia Geoghegan, junior in Food Science & Technology, and recipient of the Velvet Ice Cream and Dager Family Scholarship

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“Over the course of the past eight months, there has been a tremendous amount of change in my life. During that span I have moved across the country, got married, and made the commitment to finish my college degree here at The Ohio State University. With that change came a lot of unfamiliarity and uncertainty in a lot of areas, especially in the area of finances. Balancing a budget is hard enough for a newlywed couple, but when you factor paying for college into the equation it becomes rather difficult and intimidating. I’ve been very blessed and fortunate to have received one of the many scholarships offered by the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences. The Bacome Family Scholarship has provided me with the opportunity of pursuing my degree in Turfgrass Science without having to feel the burdens and stresses associated with financing my education. As my dreams of working as a groundskeeper in professional athletics are becoming a reality, it’s safe to say that without the generosity and support of the CFAES staff and donors, this would have not been possible. And for that I say thank you very much.”


-Zach Willard, senior in turfgrass science and recipient of the Bacome Family Scholarship

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“Now halfway through my third year here at Ohio State I have certainly realized and embraced the magnitude of the countless opportunities that this University has to offer. I have quickly realized the importance of networking and building relationships. For me, these experiences, opportunities, and relationships would not have been possible without the support of financial aid and student scholarships. I learned very early on that college was expensive and it was going to be very difficult to pay for, but I later learned there are exceptional individuals and organizations that see the importance in educating young people and have the resources to support them. Ohio State is a staple example of “Paying it Forward” not because of buildings and structure, but rather because of the individuals that make up this great University, from the students and faculty to the alumni and sponsors. Ohio State wouldn’t be the university it is if it weren’t for its forward attitude of everyone connected. I hope to use my experiences and relationships to do the greatest good for the greatest number. It is my hope to one day, be one of those alumni paying it forward so that students have the capability to take advantage of the opportunities our great university has!”

-Seth Erwin, junior in agribusiness and applied economics and recipient of the Ohio Agribusiness Association Scholarship, The Donald E. & Martha L. Fogg ATZ Scholarship, and the Ohio State Fair Hall of Fame Junior Fair Board Scholarship

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“In fall of my senior year in high school, I made the life changing decision to come to Ohio State and be enrolled in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences majoring in Culinary Science. Little did I know, that the decision to stay close to home in the Buckeye State would be so rewarding. Since attending, I have received multiple college and university scholarships that not only take some of the financial burden away from the college expense, but also allow me to be involved in numerous student organizations and activities on campus. I have had the opportunity to participate and hold leadership roles in Agricultural Education Society, Food Science Club and the college Ambassador Team. Through the college, I have gotten the chance to intern at Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams during spring semester, which is literally a dream come true for me and my aspirations to one day run my own business. Thank you for supporting and believing in the future of agriculture and in the future of students like me.”

-Caitlyn Black, sophomore in culinary science and recipient of the M.H. Brown Family Scholarship, and the Velvet Ice Cream Company & Dager Family Scholarship

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“Ever since I have been a student at Ohio State, I have grown into a stronger women and leader. In addition, my time as a CFAES student I have had the opportunity to study agricultural communications, where I have been excelling in my academics. The scholarships that I have received from the school have allowed me to spend less time working and more time focusing on my studying.”

-Chelsea Johnson, senior in agricultural communications and recipient of W.B. and T.T. Stout Agricultural Economics Scholarship, Bert W. Martin Scholarship, Glory Foods Minority Scholarship and the McCoy Leadership Scholarship

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"As I complete my Associate’s Degree in Greenhouse Management at The Ohio State ATI, I am very thankful to have received several scholarships that have greatly relieved the financial burden that comes with higher education. Scholarships have allowed me to pursue my passion in horticulture and will allow me to continue on with my education at the CFAES. I have made my family proud as a Buckeye and have taken advantage of many of the opportunities the college has given me, such as becoming an officer in several clubs, attending industry events around the country, and representing ATI as Homecoming King as we defeated Nebraska. Thank you so much to all of the scholarship donors. It is so great for students like me to see their hard work and dedication be recognized."

-Josh Henry, sophomore in greenhouse management and recipient of the William J. Skou Scholarship, the Gardeners of Greater Akron Scholarship, and the Cleveland Beautiful Scholarship

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