Wooster Science Cafe - Alpacas and their Quechua shepherds - December 7 (Cancelled)

Dec 7, 2018, 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Apologies!  This event was from last year's series. 

Dr. Shauna Brummet, President & CEO at BioHio Research Park and adjunct professor in the Department of Animal Sciences at The Ohio State University.  Dr. Brummet is a molecular biologist by training and worked many years in the biotech, open innovation and biomedical industries. She also raises alpacas as part of a farm business and has interests in the Peruvian Altiplano region and its Native People and alpacas. She plans to talk about this unique animal that is known for its fleece, the origin of the camelid family and their immune systems.  Learn more here.