EPN Field Trip - A Walking Tour of the Lower Olentangy - Columbus, Ohio

Jul 10, 2018 (All day)
River picture

Join a variety of environmental scientists and field specialists for a walking tour of the Lower Olentangy River featuring learning modules on wildlife (terrestrial and aquatic), forestry, invasive species, water quality and the impact of lowhead dam removals on riparian ecosystems. A cross-cutting theme will be “connectivity” of aquatic ecosystems such as the Olentangy River, both longitudinally (upstream and downstream) and laterally (between the water and land). Examples will be drawn from Schiermeier Olentangy River Wetland Research Park, and the Olentangy River riparian corridor (including Tuttle Park) and will include invasive-species removals, impacts on wildlife and forestry and a focus on Ohio State’s (and other public) water quality and ecosystem monitoring efforts.

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