Environmental Film Series - Earthrise and Earth Days - Columbus, Ohio

Feb 11, 2020, 7:00pm - 9:45pm
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering & Chemistry Room 130 (134-140 W Woodruff Ave, Columbus, OH 43210)
David Hanselmann

February 11, 2020, CBEC Room 130, 7:00-9:00 PM

Celebrating Earth Day, 1970-2020 and beyond

A look back to events leading up to the first Earth Day, the April 22, 1970 events involving over 20 million people, what they led to, and challenges of today and beyond.

Event schedule


A brief history of Earth Day and its origins. Timeline, before, during, after. OSU connections.

Earthrise 10 minutes of excerpts from the 30-minute 2018 documentary interviewing Apollo 8 astronauts who in late 1968 captured the first images of Earth from space. Instantly iconic, the images became a symbol of the need to care for Planet Earth, even helping inspire Earth Day 1970.

Earth Days 50 minutes from the 102-minute 2010 PBS American Experience documentary, Earth Days – The Seeds of a Revolution, with footage of 4/22/70 events.

Brief recollections by two people who planned Earth Day activities in 1970. My vision for our Earth, environment, and society in 2070, local, global – A current OSU student How and where to participate in Earth Day 2020 at OSU and in Columbus Q&A/discussion with attendees and presenters