Campus Campaign 2014 Wrap-Up

Mar 3, 2016 (All day)

Thanks to all who gave during Campus Campaign 2014.

As members of the college, you have made valuable donations -- no matter the amount -- that acknowledge our mission and demonstrate a commitment to success. 

And a special thank you to the 171 first-time donors in 2014. Because of you, CFAES had its most  successful year yet, with the largest participation in the college's history: 38 percent.

This represents a huge jump over last year.

Remember, every gift counts. This year, we were just 25 participants short of our 40-percent goal. And that's something to think about for 2015! 

The graphs below represent final numbers.

Please find some funds to support, fill out your forms, and submit in order to keep raising the bars until we reach our goal. Your support counts towards the But For Ohio State campaign goal of $2.5 billion.

Great Job!

Congratulations to the following departments where participation reached 50% or higher:

Agricultural, Environmental & Development Economics
Ashland County
Ashtabula County
ATI - Academic Support
ATI - Student Services
ATI - Student Success Services
Auglaize County
Brown County
Camp Palmer
Carrol County
CFAES VP Operating
Champaign County
Clermont County
Columbiana County
Dayton Adventure Central
Delaware County
Developmental Campaign
Erie County
FAES Administration
Farm Science Review
Fayette County
Food Science & Technology
Galia County
Green County
Hardin County
Highland County
International Program in Agriculture
Jackson County
Madison County
Meigs County
Morgan County
Morrow County
Muskingum County
Noble County
OARDC Auxiliary Services
OARDC Fisher/Stone House
OARDC Human Resources
OARDC Interdisciplinary
OARDC Library
OARDC Piketon
OARDC Secrest Arboretum
OSU Extension Center at Piketon
OSUE Administration
OSUE Agricultural & Natural Resources
OSUE Business Operations
OSUE Communications & Technology
OSUE Community Development
OSUE County Operations
OSUE Directors Office
OSUE Enterprise Center Economic Development
OSUE Governmental Relations
OSUE Human Resources
OSUE Leadership Center
OSUE North East Region
OSUE Program Leadership
Pickaway County
Portage County
Preble County
Richland County
Ross County
Seneca County
SouthEast Region OSU Extension
SouthWest Region OSU Extension
Union County
Van Wert County
Wayne County

For questions about Campus Campaign, contact Development Officer Tori Farmer at 2-6768 or Campaign Ambassador Kenneth Martin at 7-8808.Remember that your support counts towards the But For Ohio State campaign goal of $2.5 billion.


  • Agricultural Engineering Support Fund (Fund #303027): In celebration of Agricultural Engineering's 100-year anniversary, consider supporting the department's critical priorities, operations, opportunity costs, and student activities. 
  • OSU Admin Discretionary Account Fund (Fund #305237): In celebration of Extension's Centennial, this fund will support statewide events related to this milestone.
  • Operation: Military Kids 4-H (Fund #311984): This national initiative provides a network aimed specifically to help children of deployed parents cope with stress and thrive under day-to-day challenges. Every Ohio county has military families, including nearly 33,000 children. Donate a one-time $90 gift to Operation: Military Kids 4-H Fund and your family will be invited to the Hero Camp & STRONG Family Workshop on Thursday, July 24, 2014. Your $90 gift covers the cost of sending one military child to the daylong event  and your family's attendance. Details on this year's camp are forthcoming, but you can learn more learned by viewing images from a previous year's camp.

Here are more great funds to support within the college:

  • School of Environment and Natural Resources (Fund #306591): To support the School of Environment and Natural Resources Fund
  • The Ohio State Fund for OARDC: (Fund #312689): Discretionary fund use by the Director of OARDC for special projects and programs
  • The Pat and Bobby Moser Scholars Annual Fund (Fund #314043): To support the Moser Scholars Program in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences 

Employees can make contributions by clicking here and entering login/password.Contributions to Pelotonia count toward Campus Campaign goals. Payroll deductions begin July 1 and continue until further notice. You may change designations and amounts at any time. 


To make a one-time gift:
  • Cash—Drop off in person at 1480 West Lane Avenue. Please do not send cash through the mail, to ensure your gift is secure.
  • Check—Make payable to The Ohio State University Foundation.
  • Credit card—Include your credit card number and expiration date on your gift form or make your gift online now. Medical Center staff and faculty can access the Campus Campaign web site through OneSource, the Medical Center’s Intranet. Emeritus faculty and retirees can give online at OSU Physicians, Inc. staff can make credit card gifts at
To make an ongoing gift:
  • Payroll deduction -- Sign up at and choosing the payroll deduction option, or include deduction information on your gift form. Deductions are ongoing gifts through per pay installments (12 times per year for those paid monthly and 26 times per year for those paid biweekly) and continue until Gift Processing or the Campus Campaign office is notified otherwise.
Whether you make a gift via cash, check credit card or payroll deduction, please remember to sign your form before sending it in. More FAQs can be found here.
You never know where giving may lead, as evidenced by this terrific testimonial from Amy Fovargue:

I am an administrative office associate who has the privilege of working in the director’s office.

The reason I call it a privilege is because I get to work with some really great people! I am also an ambassador for the Campus Campaign.

The amount you donate does not matter

I would like to share with you a true story about my involvement with Campus Campaign. Last year following a meeting, of which I was not invited. I was informed that I was assigned as a Campus Campaign ambassador for Extension. At first I was upset as I have never contributed to the fundraiser and did not feel it was a worthwhile cause. As a staff employee I felt that I don’t make enough in order to donate enough to really make a difference. After talking (griping) to someone they pointed out that the amount I donate does not matter, it is the fact that I participate.

I found something fun

As I looked over the long list of funds available at OSU, I felt that I was most passionate about the marching band and decided to donate to the Dot the “i” Marching Band Endowment Fund #482493. I had read in a newsletter that those donating to the fund would be invited to a band practice and have the opportunity to march in a “practice” script Ohio. I encouraged some coworkers to join me.

I got to march with the OSU Band

It was the most exciting event I have ever attended in the “shoe”. We went into the band room and were able to hear the band play all of my favorite songs. It was really loud and awesome! We felt very much appreciated for our donation. When we walked out onto the field with the band I felt as if I was walking on a cloud. My parents, husband, son and I are all alumni and the traditions of our band made me feel so proud to be a buckeye. I was paired up with a trumpet player that showed me how to march. She was a fellow Animal Science major and it seemed a coincidence that we were partners. As we lined up in the block it was very exciting and a bit scary to think about running into someone as we spelled out Ohio. It all worked out great with my new friend guiding me.

Find something local. Find something fun. Find something that fits for you.

I encourage you to make a donation toward your passion at the university as I was truly rewarded for my small donation. This year I am very excited to be an ambassador and contribute to Campus Campaign. Go Bucks!

Here is a quick video about our experience

Employees can make contributions by clicking here and entering login/password. Contributions to Pelotonia count toward Campus Campaign goals. Payroll deductions begin July 1 and continue until further notice. You may change designations and amounts at any time. 

- Amy Fovargue, Extension Director's Office


About 180 Ohio State faculty and staff dropped in to catch flying pancakes flipped by Chris Cakes Inc. at the Employee Appreciation Breakfast  March 13 in the Agricultural Administration Building. 

In addition to pancakes with toppings, the menu included sausage links, coffee, orange drink, yogurt, and fresh fruit.

Also, guests learned more about one of Campus Campaign's highlighted funds, Operation: Military Kids 4-H, and about  the campaign in general. The CFAES Staff Advisory Council also was on hand.