CFAES Connect: August 2023

  1. Join us Oct. 6–7 for a fun-filled weekend of connecting with friends and revisiting your favorite spots on campus!

  2. This event, hosted on Sept. 12, will feature discussions on utilizing Ohio’s rivers to stimulate and enhance community and economic development. 

  3. Learn about the latest innovations in agriculture and natural resources, and connect with CFAES faculty, staff, and alumni in the Bailey Building Sept. 19–21 at Farm Science Review.  

  4. Here are some kid-friendly activities designed to inspire curiosity and creative thinking. 

  5. This award recognizes global conservation heroes who have made a measurable impact on wildlife conservation, and honors the dedication of field partners who have shared a long-term working relationship with the Columbus Zoo. 

  6. The team includes CFAES and OSU Extension staff, scientists, and researchers; and other experts across Ohio State. 

  7. This year’s show marks another year of success, as the funds raised support the Columbus Ronald McDonald House in its efforts to double the size of the current facility to support more families in need.