Areas of Support

Endowment Opportunities

Funding for each type of endowed faculty position, fellowship, scholarship, or general program support is set at a level sufficient to achieve a donor’s intent, both now and in the future. Endowment levels are adjusted from time to time to keep pace with changing costs, but revised levels do not affect previously established endowments. Types of endowed funds and their minimum levels as of July 1, 2018, are as follows.

Named Support for Administrative Positions

Presidential Chair $10 million
Dean’s / Vice President's Chair $5 million
Executive Director $3.5 million
Program Director $2 million


Named Support for Faculty Positions

Chair $3.5 million
Professorship $1 million
Visiting Professorship $1 million


Named Support for Student Financial Aid

Graduate Fellowship $1 million
Undergraduate Full Scholarship $1 million
Undergraduate Tuition Scholarship $300,000
Scholarship $100,000


Named Support for Programs, Research, Facilities, and Other Priorities

Named Restricted Fund $100,000
Named Unrestricted Fund $50,000