Celebrating Buckeyes

Join us in Celebrating our CFAES Buckeyes by checking out the achievements and memories of our College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences alumni, students, faculty and staff, and donors! This celebration is in lieu of traditional Homecoming festivities.  Do you have a favorite CFAES memory that you would like to share, click here to add it to our collection.


Jade Heizer - '17 BSENR Forestry, Fishing & Wildlife                                                          While patrolling in Logan County, Wildlife Officers Adam Smith and Jade Heizer received a call about an injured Great Horned Owl. Smith and Heizer responded, successfully captured the owl, and transferred it to Crows Hollow Wildlife Care in Union County for rehabilitation.
Jade Heizer 

Mike Simpson - '68 BS Animal Science 
Mike Simpson in front of the Animal Science building in 2016  On the lighter side -- When in school a required class was Animal Nutrition. Thus we had numerous Pre-Vet students who took the class as they were going thru the AN SC route prior to acceptance in Vet School. In the class taught by Professor Tznick ((forgot the correct spelling) who was a great instructor, we had a Pre-Vet guy who was always late for class. There were no assigned seats but he always went to the front row center, 5 to 10 minutes late, thus very obvious. So mid quarter we organized two class seatings, not arranged with Prof T. First one was all sat in the backs rows, solid, thus when the Vet guy came if he was very much more conspicuous. Next class we filled in solid front row back. Here Prof T knew something was up but made no comment. When the Vet student came in late, he came to the front of the class looking for his seat for a bit of time which broke up Prof T but the rest of us tried to keep the 'straight face' which we mostly did. However the student never got the point of being late and his choice of seat. 

Ryan Vonderhaar - '18 BS Agricultural Communications 
Ryan Vonderhaar Then & Now 
As the season is changing I am reminded of one of my favorite CFAES memories. In the Fall I always looked forward to competing in the Ohio Collegiate Cattle Association, "Take the Steak" grilling competition on campus before a football game! I look back on memories like these, of time spent connecting with my fellow buckeyes as what made my experience so valuable.  In the photo on the left, Left to right (David Glass '17 Agribusiness & Applied Economics BS, Ryan Goddard '18 Agribusiness & Applied Economics BS, Adam Vonderhaar '18 Agricultural Systems Management BS, Ryan Vonderhaar '18 Agricultural Communication) This picture was taken of our team after we won the 2016 "Take The Steak" grilling competition.In the photo on the right, Vonderhaar is pictured with his partner, Mary Siekman, '17 BS Agricultural Communication on their wedding day at Ohio FFA Camp Muskingum.  

Tara Durbin - 4-H Alum Highland County 
Tara Durbin

 Tara Durbin saw her older sister showing pigs and knew it was something she wanted to do, too.  "As soon as I was old enough, I joined 4-H as a member of the Tiple-L Le-Hi 4-H Club and continued until I was 18 years old," said Tara.  "I showed market hogs at the county and Ohio State Fair, took a woodworking project one year and attended camp at Canter's Cave 4-H Camp.  I served on the junior fair board and was the Highland County Pork Queen and the Ohio District 8 Pork Queen." 

Like many other 4-H alumni, Tare had great experiences to share.  "My favorite 4-H memory is spending family time together walking pigs.  As a kid, and into my teenage years. it was always hard for me to get up early in the mornings, especially during the summer (just ask my parents).  My sister, Gina, and I would get up early and go out to the barn to walk our pigs.  My two cousins kept their pigs at our barn too, so they and their parents would also be there.  On many Saturday mornings, my grandparents would come over and while we were out in the pasture walking our pigs, Grandma Rene would be in the kitchen making breakfast for everyone.  Her sausage, gravy and biscuits were the best!  We'd all come back in and clean up in time for a hearty homemade breakfast.  I cherish those memories and how special they were.  To read more about Tara, click here.  

Joel Oney - '92 BS Dairy Science & 4-H Alum Huron County 
  Joel OneyAs I watched my older brother and sisters participate in 4-H, I was excited and anxious to join.  I could hardly wait to be part of the club activities and show dairy cattle at the county fair.  For a country kid from rural Ohio, the dairy show at the county fair was the highlight of the year.  My mom was a 4-H club advisor and my dad helped us with our projects.  It was 4-H that started me on the path toward leadership, college, and a rewarding career.  

I could name several great memories from showing cattle or project presentations, or just having fun with my friends after a 4-H meeting on a warm summer evening.  I think my best 4-H memory comes from a service project we completed every summer, the roadside trash pick-up.  I can remember some kids grumbling and others goofing off to avoid picking up trash, but by the end of the day, we all were in the ditch, in the mud and making our community a better place.  I think often about the lessons of those days.  Some will grumble in life.  Some will just goof off.  Sometimes life is muddy and unpleasant.  When I am faced with any of these circumstance, my mind immediately recalls our trash pick-up days and how we navigated all of this to create a good outcome.  To read more about Joel, click here.  

CFAES Distinguished Alumni Award Winners 2020 
2020 Distinguished Alumni Award WinnersDr. Jeffrey Dickinson - '81 BS Horticulture, '82 MS Horticulture, '95 PhD Entomology 
Dr. Elizabeth Guertal  - '84 BS Agronomy, '88 MS Agronomy 
Dr. Robert Joseph - BS 68 Horticulture, '70 MS Horticulture, '75 PhD Horticulture 
Bruce Kettler - '87 BS Agronomy 
Lou Kozma Jr. - '92 BS Horticulture 
David Richards - '81 ASC Nursery Management Technology 

CFAES Meritorious Service, International Alumni, and Young Professional Achievement Award Winners 2020
Alumni Award 2020 WinnersMeritorious Service Award Winners
Dr. Jerry Bigham 
Dr. William Hildebolt -
'66 BS Food Technology Agriculture, '67 MS Horticulture, '69 PhD Horticulture
International Alumni Award Winners
Dr. Mauricio Bittencourt - '04 PhD Agricultural Economics
Dr. Luiz Lucchesi - '97 PhD Agronomy
Young Professional Achievement Award Winners
Clifford Greer -
'07 BS Construction Systems Management
Sarah Herringshaw - '07 BS Animal, Dairy & Poultry Science

Kathy Maxwell - '78 BS Horticulture
I returned to OSU in 1976 when I was 33 yo. All the students then were 18 to 22 years old. Walking into that classroom for the first time, I was sure I had made a mistake. I had always been a football Buckeye fan, so I was so surprised when the OSU fight song was playing from the back of the room. Dr. Phil Kozel gave me a memory I will never forget, and let me know I was in the right place.

Ted Luc
Ted Luc - '93 ASC Construction Tech 

Senior Estimator for Corna-Kokosing Construction. He is an ATI grad from early in the construction program and is playing a lead role with the Controlled Environment Food Production Research Complex (CEFPRC).  

Dr. Anna Conrad - '13 MS Plant Pathology, '15 PhD Plant Pathology
Just started a position at the U.S. Forest Service, Research Plant Pathologist Hardwood Tree Improvement and Regeneration Center.  Check out her story here https://ag.purdue.edu/fnr/Pages/ConradPlantPathologist.aspx 

Jenny Guilford '01 BS Food Science & Nutrition, '04 MS Food Science & Nutrition, Maria Ruhlman '04 MS Food Science & Nutrition, Emily Marrison '02 BS Food Science & Nutrition, '03 MS Food Science & Nutrition 
While they were still students at OSU, Jennifer, Maria and Emily wanted to find a way to teach high school students about food, and get them excited about a career in agriculture.  In 2002, they developed and ran a contest covering basic food science principles through Future Farmers of America (FFA), with the Food Science and Technology Department (FST) hosting the contest in the Parker building, and providing scholarships to the winners who chose to come to OSU.  This entire initiative was their own idea, and they reached out to both FFA and FST to make it happen.  Since then, the contest has become an annual event, entirely organized by these three every year.

Six individuals were honored this year as the Department of Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership Alumni Award Winners. 
Jenna Large - '08 BS Agricultural Education
Hannah Thompson-Weeman - '11 BS Agricultural Communications, '12 MS Agricultural Education
Dr.Bob Horton - '78 MS Agricultural Education, '83 PhD Agricultural Education
John Wilson - '55 BS Agricultural Education
Lisa McCutcheon - '97 MS Agricultural Education
Scott Sharp - '92 BS Agricultural Education


Our Plant Pathology alums come from every background and are pursuing work in every possible field you can think of.  Check out some of our Young Plant Pathology Alums and there work! https://advancement.cfaes.ohio-state.edu/node/5092

Dr. Suzanna Windon - '14 MS Agricultural Education,  '17 PhD Agricultural Education
Assistant Professor at the Department of Agricultural Economics, Sociology, and Education at Penn State University. Her research and Extension work is focusing on youth and adult leadership, individual and team leadership, including volunteer management. She has been a Fulbright Scholar and published numerous peer-reviewed journal articles.  To check out more about Dr. Windon, click here: https://aese.psu.edu/directory/sxk75

Dr. Jacqueline NoltingDr. Jacqueline Nolting,  - '05 BS Animal, Dairy & Poultry Science, '08 MS Veterinary Preventative Medicine,  '18 PhD Agricultural Education 
Clinical Laboratory Manager at the OSU Animal Influenza Ecology and Epidemiology Research Program. She has made important discoveries to prevent zoonotic diseases. Her research is funded by the National Institutes of Health, CDC, and USDA. 
For more on Dr. Nolting, click here.  https://vet.osu.edu/preventive-medicine/aieerp--JacquelineNolting 
For more on the Animal Influenza Ecology and Epidemiology Research Program, click here: https://vet.osu.edu/preventive-medicine/vpm-research/animal-influenza-ecology-epidemiology-research-program


Kolesen McCoy - Current Agribusiness & Applied Economics student
Kolesen McCoyAt the 92nd National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, it was announced that Ohio FFA's Kolesen McCoy was selected as a National FFA Officer and will serve as National FFA's President.  To read on, click here.  

Jayson Velazquez - Current Environment, Economy, Development & Sustainability student
Jayson VelazquezMember of the 2020 Homecoming Court.  To read more about Jayson, click here.  


Caleb Sullivan - Current Agribusiness & Applied Economics student
Script OhioAlong with other student staff at Farm Science Review, Caleb 'Dots the i' in a unique Zero-Turn Mower version of Script Ohio.  To view, click here.

Paige Doklovic - '19 BSAGR Animal Science, Current Animal Science graduate student
Paige DoklovicPaige Doklovic is a first-year master’s student studying inthe department of Animal Sciences. She works underthe direction ofDr. Michael Cressmanwhere they focus on teaching and extension within the fields of poultry and meat science. Paige completed her bachelor’s degree at The Ohio State University andher certificate in poultry science at the University of Wisconsin through the Midwest Poultry Consortium. Workingfor the National Turkey Federation and the Ohio Poultry Association havealso providedherwithextensive knowledge on the commercial poultry industryand the legislative and regulatory processes within agriculture. Her undergraduate experiences and poultry science foundationled her to pursue a master’s degree in the same field andshe is currently interested in studying keel bone damage in cage-free laying hens. In addition to teaching and research, Paige serves as the graduate coach for the poultry judging team, which competessemiannually asa team of four undergraduate students.Lastly, sheis active in the poultry science club where she coordinates poultry career developmentevents and youth judging contests at the county, regional,and state levels.In her free time, she enjoys kayaking and cooking with her family!

Laura Tavera - Current Animal Science student 
Laura TaveraLaura Tavera, a native of Puerto Rico, came to The Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES) through a scholarship from Ohio State alumnus Mike Chema, which grew from their shared love of horses (check out their story at go.osu.edu/Bkge.) 

But after taking dairy nutrition courses in the college, working at the dairy farm at CFAES’ Waterman Agricultural and Natural Resources Laboratory, and being smitten by it all, Tavera is on a path to a career with a different kind of four-legged animal.

“I want to be a dairy nutritionist,” says the junior animal sciences major, who is minoring in agribusiness and is studying in the Dairy Certificate Program.

That wasn’t always the case. To read more, click here

Nall MoonilallNall Moonilall - '15 MS Environmental Science and Current PhD Student 
2019 Recipient of the North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture, Graduate StudentTeaching Award https://senr.osu.edu/news/graduate-student-recognized-teaching 


Dr. Lyda Garcia - Assistant Professor, Animal Science Department
Dr. Lyda GarciaDr. Lyda Garcia joined the Department of Animal Sciences in 2015 as an Assistant Professor of meat science and meat extension specialist in fresh meat processing. From the outset, Dr. Garcia’s dedication to education (both inside and outside of the classroom) has been unprecedented. Her scholarship in teaching is well-known and highly regarded; she was recently awarded the Educator Award by the North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture (NACTA), a most prestigious award that represents “the very best in agricultural higher education.” Dr. Garcia’s profound efforts certainly expand beyond the classroom, and anyone who knows her well can attest to her tireless work ethic and persistent willingness to provide service to many, from youth to producers to consumers, across Ohio. She has hosted and contributed to the development of countless extension and outreach initiatives, and she has been a constant source of support to producers and industry leaders throughout this difficult time. A short paragraph does not do her efforts justice, so please, CFAES family and beyond, join and celebrate Dr. Garcia’s contributions to CFAES and to the great state of Ohio; she truly is one of the very best.For more on Dr. Garcia, click here.  

Joe Lucente - Extension Educator, OSU Extension Lucas County 
Joe LucenteMy favorite thing about CFAES is, partnering with incredibly talented colleagues to deliver impactful educational programs and projects for the benefit of all Ohio citizens and beyond.

Mazeika Sullivan - Associate Professor, School of Environment and Natural Resources
Mazeika SullivanDr. Mazeika Sullivan, a faculty member in the School of Environment and Natural Resources at The Ohio State University has recently been appointed to lead a new Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Task Force for the Society of Freshwater Science (SFS). He is also the recipient of the 2020 CFAES Junior Faculty Research Award.  FOr more about Dr. Sullivan, click here.  For more about the Society of Freshwater Science, click here.  

 Barb Kowalcyk - Assistant Professor, Food Science & Technology Department and Founder of the Center for Foodborne Illness Research and Prevention 
Barb KowalcykBarb Kowalcyk and her founding the CFI center on OSU campus. In August 2019, CFI was established as a center within the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES) to further establish Ohio State and CFI’s global leadership in food safety; encourage and facilitate transdisciplinary collaborations around food safety; build a network of food safety experts to address existing and emerging food safety problems; and create lasting strategic partnerships with food safety stakeholders. For more on Barb, click here.  For more on CFI, click here.   


CFAES Alumni Society Board of Directors
Executive CommitteeExecutive Council  
Past President - Nick Rettig - '14 BSAGR Agribusiness and Applied Economics 
President - Yolanda Owens - '07 BS Agricultural Communications
Vice President - John Kellis - '76 BS Natural Resources Development
Secretary - Hayley Maynard - '15 BSAGR Agricultural Communications 
Treasurer - Marie McConnell - '19 BSENR Environmental Policy & Decision Making

Department Representatives 
Department Representatives
 Ellen Zimmerman - '14 BSAGR Agricultural Communications
Nathaniel Kramer - '18 MSTAPLEC Applied Economics 
Ryan Conklin - '10 BS Animal Science
Dr. Nicky Gallagher - '03 MS Entomology, '10 PhD Entomology
Kaley Orr - '15 BSFABE Food, Agriculture & Biological Engineering
Mary Ann Frantz - '74 ASC Floral Design & Marketing Technology, '79 BS Agricultural Education
Lynn Wischmeyer-Moore - '11 BS Food Science & Nutrition
Katherine Wolfe - '18 BSAGR Plant Pathology 
Dr. Peg McMahon - '70 BS Horticulture
Kevin McCarty - '92 BS Natural Resources Development

Geographic Representatives 
Geographic Representatives
 Southeast Ohio - Hayley Maynard - '15 BSAGR Agricultural Communications
Southwest Ohio - John Kellis - '76 BS Natural Resources Development
Central Ohio - Andy Vance - '11 BSAGR Agricultural Communications
Northeast Ohio - Mark Evans - '77 BS Agricultural Education, '80 MS Agricultural Education
Northwest Ohio - Derek Snider - '13 BSAGR Agribusiness & Applied Economics
Ohio at-Large - Kelsie Schwyn - '16 BSAGR Agribusiness & Applied Economics 
Out of State - Adisa Aarons - '09 BS Construction Systems Management
Out of State - Rishona Headen-Brown - '17 BSFDSCI Food Science & Technology

Graduating Class Representatives 
Graduating Class Representatives
Class of 2018 - Celena Ritchey - '18 BSENR Environmental Policy & Decision Making
Class of 2019 - Marie McConnell - '19 BSENR Environmental Policy & Decision Making 
Class of 2020 - Mary Buehler - '20 BSAGR Agribusiness & Applied Economics


Stan & Sharon Joehlin  
Stan & Sharon JoehlinStan is a '60 Agricultural Engineering Alum with 40 cumulative years of giving to Ohio State.  For more about the Joehlin's, click here.  

Cara Lawson 
Cara LawsonCara is a '06 and '14 Agicultural Education alum with 8 cumulative years of giving to Ohio State.  For more about Cara, click here.