Alumni Ambassador Program

The mission of The Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES) Alumni Society Ambassadors Program is:

“To actively engage college alumni to serve the mission of the CFAES Alumni Society, support its board of directors, and extend its programming in a manner that creates a lifelong connection among the alumni, the college, and the college’s student body."


The CFAES Alumni Society Ambassadors Program exists:














As an ambassador, you will play a key role in making important connections between the university, CFAES Alumni Society members, and the society’s board members. In turn, those connections build bridges that will help the society better support CFAES staff and students.


Ambassadors will be offered the opportunity to directly impact the CFAES Alumni Society as members of the following committees.

  • The Fellowship Society Working Committee provides social, professional, service, networking, and engagement opportunities to CFAES alumni.

  • The Recognition Society Working Committee strengthens relationships among CFAES Alumni Society members, recognizes the members’ outstanding achievements, and oversees a professional mentoring program.

  • The Advancement Society Working Committee promotes growth within the CFAES Alumni Society and offers strategic issues beneficial to the mission of the society and the university.

  • The Nominating Society Working Committee assists with the recruitment and election of CFAES Alumni Society board members in a balanced and diverse manner.

  • The Ambassador Society Working Committee provides guidance, leadership, and growth for the CFAES Alumni Society by way of effective programming and activities for ambassadors and society members.

CFAES Alumni Society Board of Directors
The board of directors comprises CFAES alumni from the following geographic regions of Ohio: northwest, northeast, southwest, and southeast. In addition, two board members are from central Ohio, and two are from outside of Ohio.
Ambassadors will be selected from similar geographic categories to ensure a diversity that will provide a full breadth of assistance to the CFAES Alumni Society board of directors, the college itself, and the CFAES student body.