ATI Dairy Cattle Judging Team needs your help


Dairy Judging Competition

The Ohio State ATI Dairy Cattle Judging Team is seeking individuals to help sponsor the 2019 team.  We have a terrific group of students excited about the coming year.  I’m requesting your help to cover the cost of entry fees, tolls, van rental, lodging, and other expenses so that they can participate in the contests.  It would mean a great deal to this year’s students!


Students who have committed to the 2019 team are Owen Green (Jackson, OH), Tyler Hephner (Columbiana, OH), David Miley (West Salem, OH), Korey Oechsle (Van Wert, OH), and Sarah Quallen (Wilmington, OH).

The judging team experience assists participating students in developing thinking, reasoning, and critical analysis skills; evaluating cattle; expanding understanding and awareness of the industry; and strengthening the commitment to the dairy industry.  Judging team members have a higher potential for future leadership in the dairy industry.  Many students have commented that the judging team experience was “the best thing I did at ATI”.  Incidentally, the Ohio State ATI dairy team has competed successfully for over 30 years: finishing in the top 6 teams each participating year at World Dairy Expo with multiple wins in both the traditional and practical contests at World Dairy Expo. 


The team would like to participate in practices and contests at the Maryland State Fair, Eastern States Exposition, Pennsylvania All-American Dairy Show, World Dairy Expo, and the North American International Livestock Exposition.  Limited funds are available from Ohio State ATI to support the team.  Ohio State ATI provides transportation (van rental and a gasoline credit card).  Funds for entry fees, tolls, lodging, etc. are provided by the students.  The estimated 2019 cost is $8,000 or $1125.00 (plus their own meals) per participating student.  The cost of being a member of the judging team is very high for full-time students; therefore, this request for financial assistance from dairy industry related individuals and businesses.

Please assist the 2019 Ohio State ATI Dairy Cattle Judging Team by donating to the team’s financial support by August 1, 2019.  Your gift will ease the financial burden on students and set them up for a great year of competition.

Thank you so much!  Go Bucks!

Royce Thornton
Technology Coordinator
Ohio State ATI dairy cattle programs